Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Ok so the commentary itself isn’t monstrous. Nor is the episode. The amount of whiskey consumed while commentating…? Join Deb and Erika as they do a live-from-Deb’s-couch, in-person commentary! (recorded in November, 2017, during Erika’s epic US vacation-adventure)


Download or listen now (runtime 59:26) 

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    New VERITY! In which Deb gets Erika to do a whiskey fueled commentary…

  2. Hi Deb and Erika,

    This was a great episode!

    I have always liked the experimental nature of Love and Monsters and the fact that it’s a ‘Doctor and friend-lite episode.’

    We learn so much about Rose and Jackie. Camille Coduri and Billie Piper made such great acting choices too.

    It’s also a study in group dynamic. When LINDA begins, it’s all about the Doctor. Then it becomes more about how they need each other’s friendship and how they grow and become more secure through that. Victor Kennedy comes in to bring back the focus by making them look for the Doctor again, but he’s turning them into a cult, obsessed with finding the Doctor.
    This resonates with a lot of group dynamic situations in real life.

    About the stone slab moment at the end: Russell Davis said (in the commentary?) that he meant kissing when he wrote ‘love life.’ This may mean that directorial and acting choices are the reason it became so disgusting. What do you think?

    I’ve always hated the ending anyway because I cannot believe Ursula and Elton would be happy like this.

    Erika’s head cannon solution is inventive and wonderful! Mine is rather gruesome, I’m afraid. Recently, when I was preparing for a collaboration with a friend who directs films, I wrote two Doctor Who audio episodes to practice script writing, improve my visualisation and dialogue writing skills. I used the ending of Love and Monsters and the scene where the Doctor sends Rose back to the parallel universe with the meta-crisis Doctor in Journey’s End as the story premise. This and the stone slab are the two things I hate about Russell T Davies’ Doctor Who (apart from that I think he was THE BEST WRITER TO BRING IT BACK).

    In my head canon/fan-fic script, it ends rather badly for Ursula and Elton. 😦

    But Love and Monsters, in my opinion, was a groundbreaking and inventive episode of new Doctor Who.

    Thanks for the commentary!

  3. JKCarrier said:

    I thought this was a good, even-handed look back at a very divisive episode. I like Love & Monsters a lot, the character writing is just so good (which is why it’s so devastating when horrible things start happening to them). That notorious “love life” bit at the end…well, I agree that the way it’s played is cringe-worthy. With more tasteful handling, it could have been a nice acknowledgement that people with physical challenges can still experience intimacy and love. Oh well. I do like your head-canon of Ursula becoming an immortal soothsayer. Also agree that Camille Coduri is *amazing* in this episode. I don’t particularly want Rose back either, but I would take Jackie coming back in a heartbeat…

  4. Sarah said:

    This is very possibly my least favorite modern DW episode; it bored me beyond description (though I enjoyed the ELO song), and it’s got the distinction of being the only DW episode that put my mother to sleep out of boredom. (I’m so glad she never saw the ending, as ahe’d have interpreted it the same way I did about Ursula surviving as a paving stone.) No, Rose, please don’t come back AGAIN, and I don’t want to see Jackie again, either. If my Doctor had to die at Christmas (and will probably be erased from being mentioned again, as Capaldi has said he won’t be doing more DW, even Big Finish), then the Rose and Jackie fans/stans can deal with them not returning..

  5. I’ve just recently gotten my 11-yr-old twin daughters interested in Doctor Who (thanks to S10), and we have watched more together since S10 ended. We’ve jumped around with various Classic Who stories, but with modern Who, I’ve had them start from the beginning; I feel like they need to see it all.

    It’s been a couple of months since we last watched, but—coincidentally—Love and Monsters is up next for them. To be honest, I’ve been kind of dreading it, but now I think I’m going to take notes on their reactions and write them up on my blog. Not only has it been way too long since I did a post like that, but having their completely fresh (and somewhat innocent) take on it should be really interesting…

    Thanks for an entertaining commentary that helped remind me that there are some good bits to look forward to, as well!

  6. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Did you see Daniel Whitaker’s recent FB post?

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