Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

The final story in our competent-women mini-arc is “Battlefield” another story with a number of women to discuss. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we dig into this classic story. From witch-queens to explosive companions to brigadiers to helicopter pilots, there’s a lot to talk about!

What do you think of the cavalcade of ladies in this story? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Ep 157 – Battlefield, Earths" (3)

  1. James Cox said:

    This was a really excellent conversation. I’m not fond of Battlefield – due in large part to the editing, I think – but your discussion here demonstrated some of the great things that can be found.

    I was surprised that among the many capable women that Elizabeth, the woman running the pub, was mentioned only fleetingly. I really admired the command that she had of her environment despite her blindness, and thought that her partnership with her husband was well realised. He respected her capability but couldn’t help being a little more solicitous than she needed or wanted. A very human relationship! The moment when Morgaine ‘gets the tab’ becomes rather ambiguous considering how well Elizabeth was set up as a character. I am not at all sure that she was happy with the return of her sight.

    Verity is off to a great start this year!

  2. Stayed up too late watching Battlefield for the first time. Sleepy Monday down to you all. Great to see the Brig’s last whole story, and the women were all truly fabulous, great characters. Overall loads of deaths, quite real, not “playing” as they said. So a serious, meaningful, and very good story in that way. Thinking back to Lynne’s panel last episode, the late 80’s *were* different for women from earlier series. It’s still “isn’t women’s equality nice”, or even cute, but it is better. I remember those days well, we accepted this much equality on TV as a fairly good deal I’m afraid. Holes in the plot, sure, other things probably (and very silly hypnotism power, far worse than the Merlin thing in my view – being Merlin could easily have been a historical mixup, but direct hypnosis as magic is really going too far for the Doctor, ick and erg) but still really fun overall. And a gorgeous male feminist ancillary hero is fine by me (Calgon, take me away!) Finally, where do you suppose the women were off to at the end? I want to go too! Also I’d love to know what the Doctor made for dinner… Would it be delicious or terrible? Thinking back to 11’s omelette, though that was a crazy way to make an omelette, I’m betting on delicious. Did he ever do any other cooking btw?

  3. Paul B. =:o} said:

    Yay Erika! Thankyou for waving the flag for team Lavel! =:o}

    When Battlefield first aired, I completely missed the first part. And I wasn’t the only one! The BBC had done absolutely *NO* pre-publicity for the new season, and of course we now know this is because certain people wanted to kill it off as quietly as possible. But a consequence of that is that for years, I thought Doris only appeared as a surprise character in part 4, finally paying off the joke in part one of “Planet of the Spiders”, all those years before. Imagine my delight when the VHS release of Battlefield finally came out, and I got to see Doris and the Brig together picking trees. =:o}

    So anyway, for a long time the story started, as far as I was concerned, with a bunch of unconvincing Arthurian knights turning up at a pub, and a crashing helicopter with the Brig on board. My enjoyment of the story was severly hampered by the unusually laughable special effects, but luckily I didn’t have to watch those when lsitening to the audio tapes afterwards (I had VCR, but couldn’t afford to record everything I wanted to. =:o\ ). However, my appreciation shot up when Lavel limped into the pub, and traded guarded banter with Mordred. I was smitten!

    And then in the very same scene, Morgaine arrived, and Lavel promptly got mind-sucked to death. And I was heart-broken.

    Since then I have been a committed (and I probably should be) member of the “Resurrect Lavel” campaign. UNIT needs its Lavel! =:o}

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