Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

You may have been expecting a Gallifrey One wrap-up episode, and you’ll get one, but not this week! The tail end of Gally was intense and emotional and busy and some of us needed a little space to process. Instead, you get something delightful and fun to tide you over. Hope you enjoy!

Remember when we played “Unfortunate Episode Titles” and Liz mocked poor Deb mercilessly? We sure do! That’s why this week Liz takes over the podcast and runs Deb, Erika, and Tansy through her very own gauntlet of episode titles!

Who will win? Listen and find out!


Download or listen now (runtime 1:07:00) 

Comments on: "Extra! – More Unfortunate Episode Titles" (5)

  1. Hilarious extra!

  2. Lindsay said:

    I think the exchange of:

    Liz: “I don’t make the rules!”

    Someone else: “You do make the rules.”

    Liz: “I know.”

    … is perhaps the Lizziest thing of heard Liz say on Verity!

  3. Deb, Erica, Kat, I understand completely the need to process that last panel of Gally, which Deb hosted.

    To say it ws intense and emotional is an understatement. I was horrified, sitting withmy daughter listening to it, and she was shocked to hear the stories. Although I offerred to take her out of the hall, she asked to stay.

    I know you will have careful, considered words for this, and you will do it justice. Please forgive a man for offering words when women are the ones we want to hear from, but in trying to explain this to my friends who missed the panel, after recounting the themes and …what stories I could bear to repeat… I suggested that given that the panel title was Gallifrey Waits No More, I think a fitting summary of that panel would be to paraphrase The Day of The Doctor:

    ‘Men of the industry, the women of the industry serve notice on you all. Too long they have stayed their hand. No more. Today you leave them no choice. Today this will end. No more. No more.’

    Take your time. We await your words.

    Thank you for giving them the safe space to be heard.

  4. Hi

    Enjoyed the episode, like every episode you do.

    However as an Australian, I laughed so hard about the Australian filing cabinet reference. I didn’t realise that the ABC story made its way so far away.

  5. kaboobie71 said:

    I got almost all of them right (though I can’t say I would perform as well in the heat of the moment). I guess my brain works a lot more like Liz’s than I thought!

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