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Our villains mini-arc continues with a duplicitous dame. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we dig into Viven Fay (aka Cessair of Diplos, aka the Cailleach, aka many other names). With many many many tangents to celebrate the greatness of Beatrix Lehmann as Professor Amelia Rumford.

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  2. Deb, you’re so, so wrong about the scarf. If you really insist being pedantically practical, hand-wash or machine-wash really is absolutely not an issue for the Doctor. Obviously he could have nanotech that cleans all things with no effort. How do we even know it’s always the same scarf? We were shown the tree that makes things in Journey to the Center of the TARDIS, when it gets the least bit dirty he simply requests a new one.

  3. Hello! My name is also Kat, and I am the femme Adric from ReGen. That is, I’m the sweet lolita Adric, (the one in pastels with a heart-shaped pocket) I met a ballgown Adric and a generally femme Adric, and they were also very well done and lovely people. I don’t actually have a twitter, that picture was posted by someone else at the con. But I’m very glad that you liked the sweet loli Adric. I’m a professional lolita seamstress and I have designs for a gothic lolita Nyssa, a hime lolita Romana, a classic lolita Peri, a sweet lolita Steven with a Hifi motif, and a couple of other companions, but I actually went through and made Adric because he’s my favourite.
    Thanks for mentioning me and I’m glad you liked it.

    • Vila42 said:

      Hi Kathryne,

      Oh my stars your femme Adric costume is adorable!!! I did a demi-femme Adric costume back around 1986ish (I did both his regular costume and the Black Orchid one… the femme part came when I ditched my horrible too-short curly wig for my normal light brown shoulder length hair.) There’s a brief clip of me as Black Orchid Adric (with the awful wig) on YouTube of a Sacramento PBS Doctor Who pledge break on KVIE 6 on March 14th, 1987(part 1 of 2)… I’m right at the beginning of the pledge break swinging a 4th Doctor scarf as a jump-rope with one friend dressed as the 5th Doctor on the other end of the scarf and another friend dressed as the Ainley Master jumping the scarf/rope.

      I have some questions… first, what makes a costume an Iolita style costume? & Second, is that your real hair or a wig? If it’s a wig, what brand of wig is it and what style. I’m hoping to reprise at least one of my Adric costumes (or try a femme version myself) and I badly need a better wig.

      I would love to see some of your other costume ideas (especially the Gothic Nyssa.)

      Fellow Adric fan (he’s also my favorite),

      Patti Parsons

  4. I’m with Kat: the Ogri were one of only two moments in Doctor Who that freaked me out when I was wee. Specifically the image of the camper’s hand being drained. Interestingly the other moment is when Prof Kerensky was aged to death in the time travel gizmo in City of Death. Clearly I didn’t like skeletons much. Also: two David Fisher stories!

  5. Stones of Blood has always been a favorite; I can recall as a small child reading ‘The Tomb of Tutankhamun’ by Howard Carter while watching it, so it’s possible it’s partially responsible for making me get a bunch of archaeology degrees. I also love all the ’70s folk horror aspects of it, though they are certainly given a lighter touch than in something like Children of the Stones (also highly recommended if you want the full creepy take on that era – it’s on YouTube now).

    I did have one awful thought, though, that keeps bugging me; what if the reason Vivien/Cessair of Diplos/the Cailleac/etc. doesn’t seem to rely on her sexuality is purely because it was assumed that a woman over 35 would no longer have that appeal – I like to think it’s because everyone was super-enlightened and it’s because they wrote a cool character that didn’t need that, but when Captain Negative Thoughts is in charge in my brain, it always suggests that about this story.

    That said, I am Team Amelia all the way, as is right and proper, even if we don’t see her drinking quite as much as most archaeologists do – though that said, it sounds like she was always much more focused on her publication record, unlike so many of her era (or this one, frankly) – so good for her! I covet both women’s wardrobes in different ways.

    • Another vote for Children of the Stones. Terrifying for a small lad, and starring Roj Blake himself.

  6. Hi ladies! I’m a new listener; after attending my second Gallifrey One and being prodded by a friend I finally got on board with your podcast! (I was never much of a podcast person before now.) I caught up on basically all of the episodes since Jodie Whittaker’s announcement and am looking forward to new episodes each week ❤

    I'm really glad that Amelia is everyone's favorite thing about Stones of Blood, because she's mine too of course 🙂 But I was sad that no one brought up the possibility that she's a lesbian… I know there was a really lowkey gay couple in another classic episode (Masque of Mandragora?) and I mean, I guess as a lesbian I see what I want to see but I think Amelia and Vivien were more than "friends" 😉

    I wanted to let you all know that as soon as Erika mentioned Doctor Who Mad Libs I turned right around and bought both books (there's a "Monsters" one as well)! My friend who is not a DW fan did a couple with me the other day over Twitter, and this one especially turned out amazing:

  7. Squiblet said:

    Stones of Blood is one of my favourite 4th Doctor stories.

    It was often derided by some fans who didn’t like the lack of male characters.

    Amelia is wonderful, a self-assured intelligent older woman who isn’t a granny, mother-in-law, cat lady or any usual stereotype of a woman over 60. It certainly didn’t hurt that the actor was the Judy Dench of the 70s.

    Vivienne Fay is an interesting character and fascinating villain. But she isn’t the rare jewel that Amelia is.

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