Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s time for another “Perfect Match”! Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we discuss my choice of paired classic and new-Who episodes: “Four to Doomsday” and “The Beast Below”.

Do you think these two make a good pair? Let us know in the comments!


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“The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”

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Comments on: "Ep 164 – A Perfect (Generation-Ship) Match" (4)

  1. I would totally kick in to get Tansy to Gally!!! 😀

  2. Ah, Four To Doomsday. I hate everyone on this ship, apart from Tegan. Watching this in sequence just makes me feels so sorry for her. I mean, she’s having a breakdown. She’s essentially been kidnapped, the Master just killed her aunt and the Doctor is not in the slightest bit helpful (Five is my least favourite Doctor due to how he’s so unhelpful and condescending to Tegan, as well as how terribly he deals with Adric). It’s not an adventure for her, it’s a continuation of a nightmare for her. She’s fixating on her job as that represents normality, if she can get back there now, things will be back to how they should be. She’s not afraid she’s going to be five minutes late, she wants out of the situation she is in.

    Sorry. Sorry. I just have Tegan feelings. I kind of got them everywhere. Whoops. You see, I watched these episodes for the first time in my thirties and I feel really protective of the kids in the TARDIS crew. Tegan’s only 21. That’s so young to me. I’d have been just as much a mess as Tegan at that age, if not worse. I mean, I think I’d probably still end up punching the Doctor within 10 minutes now, never mind at my hot-headed 21 year old worst.

    It’s another parallel between this and The Beast Below, though. Amy is running away from real life, Tegan is desperately trying to get back to it. There’s the difference, of course, of one going willingly and another not, but their emotional states are key, as well. Amy’s had a difficult life, with questions about her mental stability plaguing her, which cause her to put up barriers and not trust people. The TARDIS is a symbol of childhood magic to her. Tegan has had her perfectly ordinary life completely uprooted by the Doctor and the TARDIS feels threatening to her (her time lost in it in Logopolis is really quite scary).

    And, incidentally, I’m quite sympathetic to Adric generally, and even I cannot deal with him in this episode.

  3. Vila42 said:

    In defense of Adric, Tegan, and all that dancing…

    OK, disclaimer here, I am a long-time Adric fan. I started watching Doctor Who when I was a really frustrated and awkward 16 year old and I developed a very strong connection with Adric almost from the moment I saw him (that was around 1982/3.) The end of Earthshock was the only time I have ever ugly cried while watching Doctor Who… Classic or New. I recently sat down and watched all of Adric’s stories (and re-watched this one a couple of days ago.) I by no mean approve of everything he did in this episode, but I did notice some things that I have not heard mentioned when his name comes up. Adric really strikes me a someone who is deeply insecure and desperate for attention. He’s also fixated on protecting that one ‘parental’ figure in his life (he’s already seen the 4th Doctor plummet and essentially die after he and Nyssa and Tegan were instructed to stay in the TARDIS… so he’s really determined to protect this new version.) The moment the door of the room the TARDIS landed in opens, The Doctor leaves with Tegan and instructs Adric to stay with Nyssa. I noticed that the moment that instruction is given Adric groans and his shoulders slump (left behind again when he feels that he should be protecting the Doctor.) This pattern shows up repeatedly, from the reason why Adric steals the TSS in Kinda, to why he attempts to pilot the TARDIS towards the end of Visitation, not to mention him clobbering the Cyber-drone robot in Earthshock with the rock. Does this excuse his falling for Monarch’s flattery, no. He clearly should have listened to Nyssa. He also overstepped when trying to get the TARDIS key from Tegan (although she definitely got the upper-hand in that situation, she clearly had some self-defense classes at some point and Adric definitely had that one coming.) In response to Edel, this episode is actually a good example of this Doctor dealing with Adric. Unlike in Kinda and Visitation, he actually uses that ‘Recreational’ to discreetly chastise Adric instead of yelling at him in front of Nyssa, Tegan and others. This method prove quite effective (not to mention the fact that the Doctor reminds Adric that Nyssa still needs to be rescued.) From that moment on (and along with the fact that he’s being allowed to help the Doctor) it’s pretty much ‘Monarch who?’

    Also, when it seems like everyone is talking about how useless Tegan was in this story. She did communicate with and translate for Kurkutji (although, why wasn’t the TARDIS doing the translating) and she does figure out how to pilot the TARDIS at least a little (or maybe that was the TARDIS taking pity on her.)

    I do agree that the only one who came out smelling like a rose in this story was Nyssa. I cringed every time the Doctor referred to Lin Futu as being a ‘Chinaman.’ This was all the more apparent on this viewing with the coal mine owner turn political candidate referring to Chinapeople.

    I actually enjoyed all of the dancing in this episode, especially at the very end where everyone is dancing to their own music and no one is bumping into anyone else. The choreography of that scene was rather amazing.

    One final observation about The Beast Below. Who’s to say that the ‘whale sick’ wouldn’t end up smelling like ambergris? It may smell awful at first, but once it dries, it might smell quite pleasant (having actually smelled real ambergris in a Natural History class I took in college.)

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