Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Mini-arc #3, companions collecting women companions, starts with the realization that new-Who doesn’t have many great examples of this. Join Deb, Liz, and Lynne as they discuss why that might be and how it works (or doesn’t) in the case of “Mummy on the Orient Express”. Poor Erika, who is absent, takes some serious guff.

What do you think about companions’ companions in the modern era? Are they sparse because of lack of screen time? Is it simply a different type of storytelling? Or something else? Let us know in the comments!


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Verity!‘s previous “Mummy” ep

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Comments on: "Ep 165 – Companions on the Orient Express" (4)

  1. Neowhovian said:

    Re: Liz’s happy thing — I seem to recall that Jacobi was slated to appear at Gally a couple of years ago, but had to cancel due to a work conflict. Maybe we’ll get still get to see him there some time!

  2. Sonja said:

    Ah, Verity Podcast team, I know you wanted to explore companions collecting women companions, but since you selected Mummy On The Orient Express as your example, you succeeded in driving me back into my favorite episode.
    +1 Liz,we are of the same mind. I went back and read the Guardian review. Oi!
    Sexual tension indeed! I love 12 and Clara as a (potential) couple.
    There’s so much wriggle room you can enjoy their relationship any way you please.

    I do have an idea…

    Clara has physically hit the Doctor several times.
    Has that happened in the past with other companions?
    I imagine if 12 hit Clara we’d be having some discussions about that!


  3. The two series eight Jamie Mathieson stories are so clearly defined in terms of Clara’s lesson of the week in being the Doctor. With the lesson in the second story being how to pick and get the best out of your companion, it was always going to feel a bit perverse to be picking someone in the other episode, even given that your criteria mean that you can’t pick Rigsy.
    Once Clara is in full Doctor mode I think there are two occasions where she recognizes that she should slip into the Doctor/companion setup with another female. These are with Cass when they’re trapped together in The Drum and with Ashildr when they’re transported up to the ship of the Mire. It’s interesting that neither situation plays out very well, certainly in comparison to Rigsy, as they’re far too independently minded.

    I’m still glad that you picked Mummy to talk about; it was such a joy to listen to. I discovered Verity! when Frank Skinner mentioned it and really fell in love with it through discussions of episodes like this when the emotions seemed so deep and when your enthusiasm for Capaldi was still so fresh and infectious.

    Please, please find an excuse for you all to watch Under The Lake/Before The Flood back-to-back as one complete story and discuss it again (making sure that Liz is on it!). Cass must surely merit inclusion in your year of women. You’ve so whetted my appetite with this episode to hear you talk again about the Doctor/Clara relationship and if you think there was a lot of deep stuff here, there is even more in Before The Flood which you can only fully recognize in retrospect.

  4. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    I hope Liz knows by now that the War Master story in the Gallifrey box set fits in right after the first story in the War Master box set.

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