Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s time for another “perfect match”! Join Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we dig into Kat’s excellent choices: “The Five Doctors” and “The Day of the Doctor”. That pairing seems so obvious now that Kat pointed it out! We delve into the function of anniversary specials and multi-Doctor stories and take a look at how they work both then and now.

What do you think about these two stories? Any echoes we didn’t have time to mention that you want to make sure get some love? Tell us in the comments!


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Tansy’s Doctor Who article in Uncanny Magazine
Pepsi suspects Kat is a Zygon

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Comments on: "Ep 171 – A Perfect Anniversary Match" (6)

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    New Verity!

  2. Just a very quick comment in response to Tansy’s comment. The War Doctor is my 14 year old son’s favourite Doctor too.

  3. terminuspodcast said:

    As creepy as it is, there is definitely a section of fandom that thinks that things between Five and Susan were, as Tansy said, looking like they wanted to make out with one another. I’ve even seen fanfic spawned from it and, while it’s not my own interpretation, I’ve seen many conversations about it (especially back in the day on Livejournal). So, Tansy is not coming out of left field, unfortunately. O_O

    Oh, and not sure if you mention it (I’m still listening to the episode), but one thing related to ‘The Five Doctors’ that I really love is the Easter Egg commentary on the 25th anniversary DVD version where you have David Tennant, Phil Colinson, and Helen Raynor chatting about it — which is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, BTW, especially as they get pretty drunk in the process and it’s just like a deranged-but-fun fan commentary. Would definitely recommend checking it out, if you’ve never heard it. ❤

  4. bluerealis said:

    The comment about “if Clara was the companion for the 3rd doctor” made me think of something cool that the writers/producers could do: find someone in the present day who looks like one of the previous companions (look-a-like/ dapple-ganger (sp?) ) and write up an interesting story about how she Time Traveled. I would be very interested in that episode! 🙂

  5. Thank you ladies for this episode! I’ve listened to it probably 3 or 4 times since it dropped. It even prompted me to go back and watch the Day of the Doctor (and force my boyfriend to watch it with me too!)

  6. I’m only part way through, but Tansy’s standee reminded me that I have a matching product – Matt Smith’s Doctor – under my bed (which is a bit creepy). My step kids rescued him from Certain Death at their after-school care, and gave him to me as a present. The back of the door is an excellent idea for a location!
    Also, I’ve wondered for some time if the way that the A(Australian)BC aired DW in the 1970s/80s (on seemingly endless repeat, cycling through Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker) has made it easier for me to deal with regenerations, as the end of one Doctor in my childhood always led to the return of an old friend, which would match up nicely with Erika’s recommendation to her friend to deal with Amy and Rory leaving. Of course, that doesn’t work to ease my peers’ sadness, so perhaps I’m just shallow?
    Back to podcast.

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