Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s time for our final “hot seat” of the year! Join Erika and Lynne as we put many questions to Lizbeth, and she answers them all. She mentions lots of very interesting media, so we recommend listening with Google close at hand if you’re interested in chasing down some of her recommendations!

We also announce our new release schedule: for Series 11, we’ll be pushing our podcast-drop-day back by one. Instead of Wednesday morning (North American time), Verity! will be hitting your pod-feeds on Thursday mornings. (Scheduling across five time zones is hard, y’all!)


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Download or listen now (runtime 44:30) 

Comments on: "Extra! – Liz in the Hot Seat" (3)

  1. How much I would want the world to come here, espacally such cool people (because meeting, well all of you would make me, well I would probably just shy away because you all are so cool). I cannot recommend Sweden to people that enjoy Doctor Who as availability is limited for (legal) access in a decent time (from what I know, am unsure on Amazon availabilty in this country).

    New season, well it premiers on cinemas in some towns, so you just need to get a ticket and have time. Older season of new who, what Netflix offers, last season was released there a few weeks back.

    Classic, well the twitch showing might probably be the first time a lot of people (legally) watched it. Otherwise you went to the sci-fi bookstore (which is excellent) and looked at what DVD sets are in stock and you haven’t already, and then you kind of hope they are good. There was fans before new Who (sadly I am not one of them, although thanks to Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett fandom I know a bit), they seem to have lived in the UK at some point if I understand correctly.

  2. Fay from New England said:

    Love listening to the Veirtys. Congratulations Erika and Lynn. I saw you on the Doctor Who preshow on BBC America.

  3. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    Absolutely stunned with delight that Liz’ favorite book is Dune as that is one of my favorites. Liz might be interested in the Mythgard Academy discussion on the book. I’ll tweet that over.

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