Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

We were all a bit nervous about this story — whenever Doctor Who tackles something as serious as racism, a lot is on the line. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we dig through how we feel about this story from our international (and very white) perspectives. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking out reviews and comments from people with different backgrounds — especially black women.

How did you feel about “Rosa”? Let us know in the comments!


Happy things:

Malorie Blackman
Noughts & Crosses
Black American Whovian women on Twitter
#TARBIS, Black Girls Create, and their podcast, Time and Relative Blackness in Space
Tai Gooden’s “Rosa” review
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Comments on: "Ep 178 – Tabula Rosa" (5)

  1. Emily said:

    Thanks for your enlightening discussion! Something else I loved about the music from this episode: Segun Akinola quotes/references “Summon the Heroes” from the Atlanta Olympics in the score!

  2. A balanced and interesting discussion. Well done in pointing your listeners to voices of colour – very professional and ethical.

    Re the episode, I found Graham’s choices so intriguing. As a whote male he had the most social power of the Tardis team, and he only used that power for good and to support others.

    It was also interesting to see the Doctor experiencing sexism and the lesser power dynamic of a woman in the 50’s; especially in the scene with the policeman in the hotel room.

    Graham pretended to be the Doctor’s husband because, as the Whovians noted on Australian tv, if they were in a room 1950s Alabama and weren’t married they’d be arrested.

  3. Great episode (both Doctor Who and the podcast). I really appreciate you honesty and vulnerability in discussing the nuances of my favorite show! As I tweeted this morning, I did some fanboy screaming during my morning commute when you mentioned my tweet! I am excited to be a part of this community. I did have a few thoughts after listening this week:

    1) I don’t remember who mentioned Donna and 10 being their favorite pair, but I want to add that Catherine Tate is how we discovered the show. My wife and I were fans of The Catherine Tate Show, and one night while flipping through channels we saw her on PBS and stopped only to realize the it was Doctor Who. We groaned when we realized that she was on the show that we had made fun of as kids but ended up watching the whole episode, and by the end we were hooked! We went back and binged all of the 9th doctor, the first of the 10th and have been faithful viewers ever since including countless rewatches. Tennant and Tate will alway be my favorites! I have even gone back and watched samplings of doctors 1-8. My favorites are Pertwee and Baker (which is why I think I liked Capaldi so much).

    2) Liz, I was hoping that someone would make the connections between this episode and the original series as both educational and historical. It felt very Hartnell-esque to me. Thank you for bringing that up.

    3) Somebody else mentioned Graham pointing out what the viewers are thinking (they never eat, sleep or go to the bathroom). I felt like Bill was that voice in the last season (making her easily my 2nd favorite companion). She was the first companion that I noticed who really called out things like that rather than just accepting all of the unbelievable parts of a science-fiction series as just things that happen in the real world.

    Again, loving the podcast. I’m currently digging through your backlog and listening to various episodes of interest along with your coverage of season 8, 9, & 10 as I revisit Capaldi.

  4. Assad Khaishgi said:

    Recent discoverer and prompt Patreon supporter, and much regret about never attending any of the panels at Chicago TARDIS as I’ve been there for several years now..
    1. Wut, no mention of Gan and his violence inhibitor? I know, I know, RFS mentioned it.. that said, interesting that there was hardly any mention in your discussion of the antagonist, kinda unmemorable as he was..
    2. It may be parochial, but I was pretty squeed when Yaz specifically mentions being of Pakistani descent.. as a Pakistani, I have not had that particular frisson of excitement since Dr Ital’s biography flashed on screen in Waters of Mars and I saw he was from my home town and college.. :). That said, it should be interesting what they do in ‘Demons of the Punjab’….

    Good episode, good discussion, and will def make the panel in Chicago this year!

  5. Watching “Rosa” again:
    Ryan is Jamie. Yaz is Ben. Graham is Polly. The Doctor is the Doctor.

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