Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

7&7 continues with the very first story of the 7th Doctor’s era. Join Deb, Erika, Lizbeth, and Lynne as we talk about the rocky early days of Sylvester McCoy’s run on the show. As you might expect, there’s also a lot of talk about the Rani, and even some love for Mel. If you’re hoping for an hour of slagging-off this story, kindly try another podcast, because we can’t help you.

What do you think of “Time and the Rani”, or the 7th Doctor, or the Rani, or Mel, or anything else we covered here? Let us know in the comments!


Happy things:

David Tennant and Catherine Tate on Chain Reaction
Doctor Who: Race Against Time
Verity! Extra! – Matt Smith, Adieu and JN-T Ado
Radio Free Skaro‘s “Time and the Rani” commentary with WhoFX
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Download or listen now (runtime 1:14:45) 

Comments on: "189 – Strange Matter of Time and the Rani" (13)

  1. Squibby said:

    The podcast download is giving a 404 error.

    Tried to get it other ways hut the Dr Who Podcast Alliance doesn’t have this or your previous ep and their site is showing they tried to update your podcastin the last day.

    Sad I can’t get my Verity experience this week

  2. Stephen Pickering said:

    Listening now, hoping to hear some insights to better appreciate this one, as it is my personal choice for worst Doctor Who story. Very courageous of you all to take this one up.

  3. Danny Butler said:

    Wonderful episode! You’ve all said it very well, so I’ll just mention these gems:

    ‘Urak! URAK!!!’

    I like the shock regeneration, it’s over in seconds. It had a big impact on me, especially because I didn’t know the reason for it.

    The glitter gun is very cool.

    If you’re going to be a ‘screamer’, be a Mel.

    When I found out who were the Doctor and companion were going to be and we finally got cable so I could watch it on the BBC, I thought it was very weird and camp casting but they both grew on me.

    I bought a copy of the novelization last month at the Who Shop in London and look forward to reading that. Pip and Jane are a fabulous scriptwriting team!

    • Danny Butler said:

      I’m reading Time and the Rani now. It’s ridiculously wordy!

      A few examples:

      He concertinaed the cuffs, absently rubbing his wrist where the injection needle had punctured the skin.

      The Doctor, obdurately ensconced on the bench, had not relented from his refusal to continue repairing the machine.

      Glorious! 🙂

  4. Download link is to ep. 190, not 189. I assume Erika will fix it soon, but in the meantime, if you go in to your browser bar and change it manually, it’ll work.

    • Yes! That was the issue–thanks all for the heads up–should be fixed now. And fwiw, we don’t have any control over the Dr. Who Podcast Alliance as far as I know, so I think you’d have to contact them directly if there are issues with their site.

      • There is definitely something odd going on. I noticed last week that there was a break in the feed – I have unsubscribed and resubscribed and now the feed only shows the two most recent episodes. My android podcatcher can access both rss and itunes feeds and I think that each was showing a different list of episodes.

      • Squibby said:

        Erika, I’m seeing the same thing as James. Verity ceased 2 eps ago as far as my android device is concerned. The last 2 eps are showing as a separate podcast stream. I’ve noticed the ! has disappeared from the podcasts name

      • Hmm. I’m not sure what to tell you about the feed. I’ve checked it in my Android-based podcatcher and on iTunes, and I’m seeing all the episodes, and the exclamation point is still in tact. What podcatcher do you all use? I’ve also looked at the back end through Libsyn, and nothing has changed on that front. Could your podcatcher have applied some update that broke the feed from that end?

        Is anyone else having issues? I can contact Libsyn and see if their tech support has any light to shed.

      • Stephen Pickering said:

        FWIW, I’m using Podcast Addict, and I am able to see all of the episodes.

      • I use podkicker pro. Very old school, but so simple to use.

        Its default source for Verity is this. Last listed episode is Asylum:

        If I go through the iTunes option this is the link: That is now showing all eps

        Using the RSS link from here – also libsyn – also works fine (I’ve started using that one now). It seems that the version showing only two eps has disappeared.

        The internet is weird.

      • Indeed–the internet is super weird. FWIW, we did use feedburner way back in the early days of Verity!, but then we switched over to Libsyn, so maybe there was some feedburner weirdness happening?

        If anyone else is having issues, be sure you’re using the libsyn RSS feed or just unsubscribe and resubscribe, and maybe that’ll sort things?

  5. Squibby said:

    Another excellent discussion.

    Something I wish Day of the Doctor had done was pop in an explanation for 6’s regeneration. A dalek ship crashing into his tardis and Mel forgetting what happened once the tardis was back in its timeline.

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