Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Burn with us! Join Deb, Erika, Lizbeth, and Tansy as we burn through lots of feeling about Martha and lots of comparisons to “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”. It’s a fast-paced, sweaty episode, and that’s just the way we (mostly) like it!

What are your thoughts on “42”? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "190 – Lucky 7: 42 Problems (& Martha Ain’t One)" (4)

  1. Steven Brown said:

    The last time I re-watched ’42’, I was a bit confused that some bits I had a vague memory of seemed to be missing. I didn’t realise where I actually remembered those bits from until I got to re-watching ‘Journey to the Centre of the Tardis’. I’d somehow imported the flame-y future projection visuals from JCT into the ‘burn with me’ theme of 42.

  2. Goodies fan said:

    I can’t compare Tennant’s gurning to Pertwee. Pertwee did it with style and comic timing. To me, Tennant seemed to add it into his performance at any point.

    Martha’s season generally needs more love. The lesser stories in the season aren’t completely unwatchable. I’d put 42 in the top half of Doctor Who stories

    Tansy – Kitten Kong and the Cult of Ecky Thump would be fun Doctor Who villains/monsters.

  3. terminuspodcast said:


    + Like Liz, I’m honestly still pretty bitter about Martha’s treatment too. It honestly *almost* made me switch off after being a longtime Whovian and I kinda hated the Tenth Doctor for a good while there because of it. Anyway, definitely what Liz said resonated with me, where I felt that Martha was my self-identification character and it was emotionally very hard to have my childhood hero (from back in the 80s) being so terrible toward a companion — who, by extension, was me. 😦

    + I also agree with Tansy about how so many of the weird moments between the Doctor and Martha always felt tacked on and never felt organic. I always joke with my wife how that’s ‘the hand of RTD’ doing an edit to awkardly remind us that Martha is Not Rose and therefore not important. But as you guys said, ’42’ thankfully doesn’t suffer from that and so it’s also one of my fave stories because I can really sit back and enjoy the dynamic between Ten and Martha without all the callousness of S3.

    + Also, while I definitely see the similarities with ‘The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit’, I always think they *feel* very different to me and so I don’t really conflate them at all. I don’t know, I mean, I also know the ‘fandom hivemind’ seems to usually prefer ‘TIP/SP’ to ’42’ (I’m always seeing/hearing comments like ’42 is a bad remake/less good version/copycat version of ‘TIP/SP’), but like Erika, I actually prefer ’42’ *much* more, myself? And I also found the crew in ‘TIP/SP’ pretty forgettable too? I mean, people always go on about them, but I honestly couldn’t name any of them without looking them up (well, maybe Toby, but that’s from watching it with my ex called Toby and walking around saying ‘Tobeeeee’ in the beast voice with him for a while afterward) and I’m pretty sure I can’t visually remember most of them, even without needing to name them. Whereas, I can actually remember all of the crew in ’42’. So, yeah, YMMV, I guess? *shrug*

    + Speaking of the crew, yep ‘Rosa’ was in this story! So glad you mentioned Vinette Robinson as Abi Lerner! I was excitedly waiting til the end of your episode to see if you were going to reference her, as I love her as an actress and think she is awesome in things like Doctor Who and Sherlock. ❤

    + And finally, the scene with Martha in the pod drifting away with the Doctor yelling 'I'll save you!' again and again is HONESTLY SERIOUSLY ONE OF MY FAVORITE DOCTOR WHO SCENES EVER (but then Martha/Ten are my problematic OTP, so I'm super easy for moments like that — see also: Ten carrying an unconscious Martha in his arms through the hospital in 'Smith and Jones'). I even have the soundclip of the ship's voice saying 'Jettisoning Pod…' at the end of all of my Terminus episodes in it's honor (and to be a cheeky pod = podcast reference). 🙂

    Anyway, overall, I'm not generally a huge fan of Chibnall's writing for Doctor Who (I like it more for other shows, like Broadchurch, but not Who — hence why I found S11 so lackluster, personally), but this is one that I always make exception for. I'm not sure if it's the old Troughton fan in me, but I love a good base-under-seige story and a story that highlights the strengths of companions I love (and Martha is my fave companion, actually), so it ticks a lot of my boxes and I just always love watching it. Now to rewatch it in the next few days again, since you guys gave me a hankering for it!

    P.S. Enjoy yourselves at Gally. It's still on my bucket list to go sometime, so I'll live vicariously through you all until I can! ❤

  4. @TerminusPodcast
    Just responding to your PS: as a first time Galley-goer myself; Con Crud is real…

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