Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

We’re back to series 7A! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Lynne as we try to stay awake and chat about “A Town Called Mercy”. Are we tired because this story moves a bit slowly? No. But that didn’t help.

What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "191 – A Town Called Mercy Moseys" (3)

  1. As a Farscape fan I loved the irony of Deb saying of the episode: “you could be more”

  2. I’m not sure the Doctor’s characterization in this episode is setting up for the 50th, it’s more to do with the departure of the Ponds and how it will affect the Doctor. At this point, Amy and Rory travel with him on and off and there’s the scene where Amy says “this is what happens when you travel alone for too long” and calls out the Doctor on his behaviour. Which sets up Amy’s farewell message (don’t be alone Doctor) for the Doctor and his mindset in The Snowmen. I don’t think this story is wrong for 11 he has more of a dark side

    According to the Wikipedia page of this episode, it was Steven Moffat who came up with the idea of a western setting and the town menaced by a robot, and Toby Whithouse wanted to explore the Gunslinger’s humanity and make him sympathetic and he was going for a Frankenstein’s monster vibe with the character. He was also warned off watching The Gunfighters by one of the other writers (which is just wrong!) and this is why there is no reference to that story.

    It seems to me that Whithouse likes to explore the Doctor’s darker side and his guilt by putting him with some kind of morality or philosophical discussion with another immortal or powerful being. Here he does this with Jax, in Vampires of Venice, there’s another character who’s the last of her kind, in School Reunion there’s that scene with Anthony Head’s character and a lot of talk about immortality. 12’s scene with the Fisher King is similar and The God Complex an exploration of the Doctor’s darker side. I think this can result in the sidelining of companions and A Town Called Mercy is the worst offender, which is a shame because I think Whithouse wrote Amy and Rory really well in Vampires.

    I love most of season 7A (and 7B), but this episode is a forgettable one. I don’t feel very strongly about it either way, the visuals and the score are great though. I would love a Segun Akinola score for this episode but I think series 7 is some of Murray Gold’s best work, he got to do something different with each 7A story and I love it.

    • Oh I see I didn’t finish that sentence about 11’s dark side: I think he has more darkness than general fandom opinion gives him “credit” for but it doesn’t come to the surface too often so it can be easy to overlook and think of him as less dark compared to other Doctors. Which is true, just not all the time, particularly this season. In the previous story, he lets Solomon die and many fans had trouble with him doing that and how he is in this episode but I think alter we’ve seen his darker side in A Good Man Goes to War, it’s not surprising.

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