Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s another “lucky 7”! Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we discuss the seventh episode of series two, “The Idiot’s Lantern”. This story didn’t age as well as some of us hoped, but it does leave us with a lot to talk about.

How do you feel about this episode? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "193 – The Idiot’s Lantern Down for What" (4)

  1. thebutler said:

    Geoffry Beevers is alive.

  2. Lesley Coutts said:

    I do remember feeling that this story had somehow ‘pulled its punches’ and should have had more of a definitive stance against the father’s attitude/behaviour. In an episode of Who Do Tou Think You Are with Patrick Stewart he looks into his father’s wartime experiences, it’s well worth a watch and crucially doesn’t excuse his father for his violent behaviour. It could almost have been seen as inspiration for the character but I think it was shown well after The Idiots Lantern.

  3. I still love this episode! It’s so immersive and clever and nostalgic and I can’t help but love the Doctor/ Rose smugness! I think it did well to address the issue of domestic abuse in that period. However, I have also always been so uncomfortable with that last scene, even when I first watched it as a 12 year-old. What changed for me watching it tonight was that I had always revelled in the sexism take-down scene completely, as the Doctor and Rose seem to revel in it, but this time I noticed that they go into the house and go in so hard to school/humiliate Mr Connolly, and then they just leave to chase the bad guys, and that could have had much worse consequences for Rita than just the ‘you’ve had your fun’ comment. I think it was really irresponsible of the Doctor not to recognise that and try and pull Rose back a bit when she follows up or at least reassure Rita that they are coming back and to hold on. Of course they were absolutely right to do some sort of call out scene and it is glorious in a way but they could have done it with more nuance than them just going ‘Ha! We sure showed him!’ without any regard for the consequences. Despite the rant I still love it. I always forget how much I love it and it’s definitely underrated imo.

  4. Kirsten Roepke-Larsen said:

    Fun conversation (as always) but now I’m sad we didn’t get Nicholas Hoult. I had no idea that almost happened!

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