Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s back to the Seventh Doctor’s era with Mel’s last story and Ace’s first. Join Deb, Erika, and Lynne as we talk about what works for us and what doesn’t. There’s a healthy detour into age-based gender politics, so buckle up!

What do you think of “Dragonfire”? Do you love the look of it like Deb? Do you un-love the look of it like Erika? Do you adore Ace like Lynne? Are you giving massive side-eye to Mel’s departure scenes like we all are? Let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "197 – The Girl with the Dragonfire Tattoo" (7)

  1. Another great episode Verities!

    About Mel’s leaving, as much as I am not convinced in the slightest by the reasoning behind Mel’s leaving or the unbelievable suddenness of it, I absolutely adore the Doctor’s speech. I love that it references the gaping hole in the Doctor and Mel’s timeline and the fact that, due to the events of Trial of a Timelord, they have not actually met yet! I also love how the Doctor’s instant grumpy/sullen reaction is so reminiscent of the first Doctor’s reaction when Ian and Barbara first confront him with their decision to leave. For me it is McCoy’s first chance to show a little vulnerability to his Doctor – and we never get to see that very often in his run – and to see how much Mel’s choice to leave truly hurts him. Get’s me teary every time!

    Correct me if I’m wrong about this but I believe the speech was actually written long before Dragonfire (and not by the Dragonfire writer) and that it was a reworking of the 7th Doctor’s original audition piece.

  2. Scott B. said:

    Hi! First I’ll get this out of the way, the 7th Doctor and Ace are among my favorites, especially when he get’s ‘darker’, I always loved Ace for being the teenage action heroine (who predates Buffy!) and is one of the few classic companions to have a growth arc.

    What I want to focus on is something I often have trouble wrapping my head around, how different we Americans are from people in the UK when it comes to Age of Consent, and how it shapes how we view young people. We, more or less, think you have to be 18 to be an adult, but in the UK the age is 16; 2 years, HUGE difference!! I can’t think of 16 y.o.s being allowed to move out on their own, getting jobs, etc. without their parents’ consent, and for someone 16 to do that here you’d say they either were runaways or had horrible family backgrounds. There, that’s just growing up, being independent. I get super cringe-y thinking 16 y.o.s having adult relationships; I know it’s cultural bias, but I do think we have the better outlook, but I don’t like being that judging American.

    Awareness of these different outlooks makes me see why Rose and the 10th Doctor where acceptable to so many people; from my pov she was still a kid/barely an adult when she meets this much, much much older ‘man’, but for UK audiences she was the equivalent of a 20something woman. Even if she were in her 20’s I’d say she was too young, but a TEEN?!?!
    I didn’t get it. Now I’m more okay with it, but I’ll never feel comfortable about it.

    Now I think they just avoid the issue altogether, and stick with any serious relationships being with everyone 20 and older, it’s much safer that way, hahaha!

  3. Great episode! Could someone have been thinking of the article about threads that carry from one regeneration to the next?

  4. Squibby said:

    Another fun podcast ep. Yes, Dragonfire is clunky in some ways but I do appreciate the ingenuity of the production staff.

    A comment about the budget for the classic series. I hear you commenting again and agsin “why couldn’t they do X?” O don’t think you realise exactly how tiny the budget was.

    Season One of the 1967 “Star Trek” tv series averaged US $190, 000 per episode
    William Hartnell “Doctor Who” average £2, 000 pounds per episode, or about $ US4, 000

    The budget ONE episode of Star Trek was the same as the budget for FORTY SEVEN HARTNELL EPISODES. Not 2, not 3, forty-damn-seven.

    I remember comments back in the 80s that the entire Trial of a Timelord season had the budget of HALF AN EPISODE of Star Trek the Next Generation. Cast, crew, special effects, the lot.

    The classic Dr Who people were miracle workers

  5. Lesley Coutts said:

    As usual loved listening, have fond-ish memories of Dragonfire. I was coming to accept The 7th Doctor and Mel was leaving yey! Sorry! Also loved the melting face 😱. As for ‘doughnut’ I feel I should share that in Scotland at least it’s a sort of affectionate term for someone a bit dim or daft or for when you’ve done something a bit dim or daft as in ‘Och, you doughnut!’ Slightly stronger version would be ‘you arse!’ But said with love 😂

  6. Did you know the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance has Verity listed as a dormant podcast which stopped in Jan 2019?

    You might want to let them know your podcast wasn’t cancelled

  7. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    One thing that listeners might not know is that Big Finish brought Mel back in continuity after this episode to rejoin with the Doctor and Ace. This started with #214 “A Life of Crime.”

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