Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Extra! – 7 Faves from the 1960s » VerityExtra7Fave60s

Extra! – 7 Faves from the 1960s

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  1. Greg! said:

    This was really enjoyable 🙂 Might it be possible to have the other Verities’ selections too? It’s an interesting topic and I’m curious as to their choices (and they shouldn’t escape Liz’s wrath!) For brevity, a simple list on here would suffice.
    Mine are: Hartnells, Chase and Master Plan. Troughtons, Power, Evil, Web, Invasion. I’m struggling form a 7th just now. Cheers.

  2. All the Verities are always welcome to post whatever they want here! (And they know this.) So if no one makes a follow-up post, it’s simply that we don’t have the time/energy/etc. 🙂

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