Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

For this “lucky 7”, we dip into the seventh story of season 19. Join Deb, Erika, and Katrina as we once again punch received fan wisdom right in the face.

What do you think about “Time-Flight” is it as boring and awful as the masses would have you believe? Or is it actually pretty fun? And what was your take on the mourning for Adric and Tegan’s “cliffhanger” departure? Let us know in the comments!


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Kat tweets angrily at “Time-Flight”
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Comments on: "198 – Time-Flight of (the) Concordes" (6)

  1. Neowhovian said:

    I always thought the Doctor decided to leave Tegan behind because he’d been trying for so long to get her to Heathrow, and he figured, “Oh, she’s not here; she must’ve decided to stay.”

  2. I got excited when the professor said he was from the University of Darlington, as Darlington is a town close to where I’m from! Sadly, there isn’t and never has been a University of Darlington, not in the UK anyway! A professor of hypnosis from a fake uni?! Maybe he’s a ‘professor’ like the one in Voyage of the Damned! 😅

  3. Vila42 said:

    I have so many feelings about this episode, and most of them are pretty awful. I re-watched this episode recently for the first time in over 30 years and my feelings have not changed much!

    As I mentioned on a previous post (A Perfect (Generation-Ship) Match), like Katrina I am a VERY loyal Adric fan. The first time I watch Time Flight, back in the 80s, I was still pretty numb after watching (and crying my eyes out) at the end of Earthshock the week before. The main thing I remembered was that the Doctor refused to go back and I very nearly stopped watching Doctor Who at that point (only curiosity to find out what happens next kept me coming back.) However, nothing prepared me for the illusion Adric showing up and that scream as they walked ‘through him’ was torture to my teenaged self (it wasn’t much easier the second time either.) I found the rest of the story either dull-as-dirt or cringe-worthy (I’m looking at you Master!) Although, contrary to Katrina’s Twitter rant, on my second viewing, I don’t think Tegan was faking her reaction. I think she was in shock from not only losing her aunt earlier, but now losing someone that she traveled with and, I think, regarded as an annoying kid brother, die. Her rant, did, however, make me smile. It’s always nice to find someone else who gets as pissed-off as I do about how Adric gets treated (both in the context of the show and in fandom) and who, like me, yells at the television (or other screens.) Overall, Timeflight is the only Doctor Who episode that I regret buying and I wish that I had known about Britbox before spending my money on it.

    As to Erika’s view of Adric and Nyssa being like brother and sister. I disagree, I have always ‘shipped them (even before I knew what the term meant, beyond mailing something.) Nyssa was the second companion that I really connected to as a teenager (Adric is still my favorite for very personal reasons due to some rather jarring changes in my life at the time mirrored closely, but not exactly, to what he was going through… and did I mention I thought he was cute.) Up until watching Earthshock for the first time I always thought that Adric and Nyssa should leave together and go off and raise a bunch of super-brainy kids and finally get something resembling a happily-ever-after that they both deserved. As it was, Nyssa didn’t even get a chance to say good-bye to him before…. well, you know.

  4. Eric P Gjovaag said:

    A story I’ve heard, maybe even straight from Jahn Nathan-Turner himself: Apparently the production team was having some issues with getting permission from British Airways to using a Concorde. At one point, JN-T leaned over to whatever production assistant was with him and whispered loud enough for the BA people to hear, “What time is our appointment with Air France?” Suddenly things went incredibly smoothly, and they got permission…

    I suspect there are two factors contributing to “Time-Flight”‘s reputation as a not-so-good story. One is that it followed “Earthshock”. For a time in the ’80s and ’90s, “Earthshock” was regarded as one of the greatest “Doctor Who” stories of all time. So naturally, the story following it just could not live up to that. Also, it was the end of the season and the budget was getting stretched pretty thin, which shows in some of the work done for “Time-Flight”. And less-than-stellar special effects can kill a story’s reputation (see “Invasion of the Dinosaurs”). Of course it doesn’t help that the story was a little unfocused and all over the place.

  5. Van Turner said:

    Fear not, the space shuttle lives on, and not just in a commercial enterprise (no pun intended). The RS-25 engines that were used on the shuttle will fly again on NASA’s SLS rocket. Boeing is building SLS at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and is expected to deliver the rocket by late October for launch early next year. I work at this facility so I get to see it happening.
    The SLS program is expected to take us back to the moon and eventually to Mars. Space exploration is back!

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