Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Our 7&7 hits a milestone as we finish off season seven. Join Deb, Lizbeth, and Tansy as they discuss the parallel-world epic that many fans think is one of the greatest Doctor Who stories ever. Do they agree? Listen and find out!

What do you think of “Inferno”? Is it the masterpiece fandom says? Let us know in the comments!


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Download or listen now (runtime 1:31:06) 

Comments on: "202 – Club Inferno" (4)

  1. Allen W. Wright said:

    Great episode. I remember Inferno as the first Jon Pertwee story I ever saw. It was sometime in 1983 or 1984. I had been introduced to Doctor Who in the 1983 weekly summer rerun of episode 5 of The Armageddon Factor on TVOntario and started watching the daily episodes on Buffalo’s PBS station. I had already picked up Doctor Who Magazine and knew something of the state of Doctor Who in 1983. And so when WNED in Buffalo reached the end of Logopolis I stayed up to the late night broadcast eager to see if I’d get to see the Fifth Doctor next. Imagine my shock and delight instead when they aired Inferno (they skipped a lot of Pertwee episodes, I think an early batch included Spearhead and they skipped what they showed before.) It was like time travel for real. My default memory of Pertwee is still of him singing in Bessie.

    Superb show and so many good points. One thought I agreed with is that while Greg more or less has the same attitude in both universes, he’s more of a genuine rebel when being smart-alecky in a fascist universe.

    Keep up the great work. (And as a poster over on BuffyForums I love the Buffy references.)

    • Squibby said:

      I agree with Allen, a great episode.

      Inferno is very watchable after 50 years and I can remember being very scared as a child in the early 70s of the Primords and the Brigade Leader.

      Parallel universe stories have a long history. H G Wells wrote a multiverse story in the 1920s. But it was that marvellous female author Andre Norton who gave us “The Crossroads of Time” in the 1950s with parallel versions of Earth with variations in history effecting each parallel Earth.

  2. Just noting that it was Barry Letts (a established and experienced director already before he took on producing Doctor Who) who took over from Camfield on the later studio sessions for this story, not Terrance Dicks.

  3. Fascinating discussion around the position/respect afforded women in the “mirrorverse” versus “ourverse”! I need to watch this story again… =:oo

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