Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Today’s 7-minutes Extra! comes with a twist! Join Deb, Erika, Lizbeth, and Katrina as they talk for one minute each about seven different topics. The twist is that Kat supplied the topics AND has to talk about them. That doesn’t make it as easy as you might think.

If you have future “7 Minutes…” topics, let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – Seven Minutes in Heaven(?) – Volume 3" (3)

  1. I’m only surprised no one brought up the Daleks (trying to) serve tea to Churchill and the Eleventh Doctor in “Victory of the Daleks”. One of my favorite hot beverage moments for sure! 🙂

  2. Sara Jones said:

    I totally loved the questions about hot beverages!!
    My favorite hot beverage moment is the 10th Doctor rapid fire talking about “tannins” from the tea etc. after being ‘revived’ in The Christmas Invasion as the whole space ship of red aliens stare in amazement.

    Off topic, but my happy thing in the Doctor Who universe this last couple of months is introducing my granddaughter (now 3 years old) to Classic Doctor Who. We are streaming on Pluto TV so it’s sort of a mixed bag what comes up so she is exposed to a bit here and there.
    She can identify several doctors, has added the words “explosion, monster, and danger(ous)” to her vocabulary.
    And most importantly, she asks to watch the show by name -sometimes getting the pronunciation right but other times (to our amusement) calling it “Doctor HUE”

  3. Valoise said:

    Hot beverages in DW? I’ve actually vidded that. Missy & Bill & Daleks & more.

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