Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

This 7&7 entry comes from the year 1977. That’s two whole 7s! Join Deb, Erika and Katrina as we talk about how much we love Ma Tyler, the echoes we see in RTD’s era of Doctor Who, the relationship between the Doctor and Leela, the many tropes (the good and the bad), and much more!

What do you think about “Image of the Fendahl”? Is it a classic? Middling? Are the baby fendahleen adorable? Let us know in the comments!


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Island of the Fendahl from Big Finish
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Comments on: "204 – The Sharper Image of the Fendahl" (3)

  1. Squibby said:

    This is a favourite story of mine and one I’ve rewatched recently. A good cast with a witty script and killer mystical leeches.

    I agree with your comment about Leela and Elders. Also, for all his faults Leela did respect Neeva until he led the Seveteem astray. So she does also respect Seers.

  2. Great episode Verities! Super glad you all loved the glorious Image of the Fendahl! I absolutely adore this story. It is one of my very favourite 4th Doctor stories, if not THE favourite. Excellent script, top notch direction and great performances all round. The guest cast are superb. Mother Tyler and Corby are particularly well written and enjoyably played characters and who doesn’t love the wonderful Wanda Ventham?! I agree with you all that the Doctor / Leela relationship is at its best here. An actual friendship with real respect for each other’s strengths.

    One final question – do you think podcasts listing the tropes of classic era TV and film is actually becoming a well worn Trope of its own? 😉

    I look forward to the next Verity!

  3. Yay IotF! Have loved this one ever since it first aired. Listening to it on audio only, with no added narration, was both a challenge and a delight: Long stretches with no dialogue and only the odd gasp or chair-scrape to reveal the action… But oh my, the atmosphere! Dick Mills’ soundscapes are glorious; Dudley Simpson’s score is sparse but perfectly judged…. And the fendahleen are so much more convincing on audio! =:o}

    The dialogue sparkles, as do all the characters and performances. Everyone knew the Hammer/Amicus horror tropes they were tapping into, but they play it for real, not a hint of send-up anywhere. There’s little bits of comedy business, but none of it done in mockery (alas, that did not last as the Williams era progressed…). The slightly flirty relationship between Adam and Thea adds character colour, without needing to be developed into a romantic sub-plot.

    Everything is just so *perfectly judged* in this one. Except for the damn party-streamer tongues of the fendahleen. =:o\

    Definitely deserves a higher place in fan rankings.

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