Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

This 7&7 brings us Steven Moffat’s seventh episode. Join Deb, Katrina, and Tansy as they chat about Matt Smith’s debut, and the debut of the Moffat era.

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Extra-special thanks to this week’s guest editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "206 – The 7-Eleventh Hour" (3)

  1. Vanessa McNamara said:

    I’m a grown up female with two adult children. To me, this episode is perfect, full stop. I’m a gigantic Moffat fan, and 11 is my doctor, so probably this colors my opinion some. I do like your take on things, though. It was interesting. Oh, and I suspect I know the secret of the Duck Pond and it is Moffat trolling all the way. I love it when he does that.

  2. Thanks for another lovely podcast episode!

    My partner and I recently completed a massive re-watch of all of our classic Who DVDs (in random order) and we started a re-watch of (old) new Who last weekend. So it’s quite fun to hear you enjoying the first Matt Smith story so much, because we thoroughly enjoyed the first two Eccleston episodes, and now I realise how much great stuff we’ve got to look forward to over the next couple of years or so. 🙂

    I definitely find that it’s nice, now that some years have passed, to go back and enjoy this stuff on its own merits, and also to be able to put it all into context with Who as a whole. One of the great joys of Who is that there’s so much of it, and so much of it is so good!

  3. Radio Free Skaro’s all-female S11 commentaries were mentioned, and they’ve been fine. They’ve even managed to make S11 seem almost interesting (which it definitely wasn’t for me while watching it).

    I wasn’t happy that they went with Claudia Boleyn as a guest, because she’s had a history of bullying and abusing fans who dare like Moffat’s stuff, and is still going on about how we still need to be attacking Moffat for his terrible, terrible sexism and racism and heteronormativity, because she apparently doesn’t get that Chibnall isn’t perfect, either, and neither was her savior, RTD. Her being part of DWM’s Time Team was one reason I quit buying DWM, because it gave me a strong impression that they were saying that Chibnall’s reign would be a time to go full-on anti-Moffat. Claudia’s apparently since been ousted from the Time Team, in a rare case of DWM having any sense, but I still won’t be buying DWM during this era.

    Eleventh Hour, now – after I was a truly bored/annoyed modern DW watcher during RTD’s/Tennant’s time, there was something about Moffat and Smith that had me reacting like, “Oh, now, why does this feel like DW as I like it again? Smith feels like the Doctor to me!” And he did. Some of his episodes were crap (but not this one), but I liked him much more than Eccleston or Tennant (and I loved Capaldi more than Smith).

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