Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Doctor Who is back! Join Deb, Lizbeth, and Tansy as they dive into how this episode started series 12 off with a heckuva masterful bang! So much dessert.

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Comments on: "Episode 212 – Spyfalling for Sacha" (7)

  1. I got spoiled for The Master by a Google search while I was looking for the air dates for the rest of the season. I didn’t get spoiled for the actor though, so I spent the whole episode wondering which new character was The Master.

  2. Michael said:

    To loan the term from another podcast – my kooky theory of the week is (to keep it spoiler free in the so very slim case I’m right) that we have seen the the aliens in a very early Hartnell story for the first & last time. The head/helmet look similar and the company name sounds similar to the alien’s name. It has been so long since we’ve seen them and we know so little about them that their background could easily have been rewritten.
    Otherwise, really enjoyed the episode, although it felt a bit longer than it needed to be. Didn’t expect that reveal but the performance was really great.

  3. Graham Bell said:

    Happy new 2020, a really insightful and interesting episode, possibly one of my favourite Veritys yet! . One thing I would love to point out is a minor error you made that I think makes really interesting character development for Graham. Unlike Yaz and Ryan, Graham doesn’t start the episode making excuses for his continued absence, he is simply making a routine hospital appointment where the doctor rather indifferently offers him some condolences. Unlike the others, Graham doesn’t have anyone in Sheffield and is now more at home in the TARDIS.

    This harks back all the way to Jackie Tyler telling Rose that she was losing her attachment to Earth and it would be nice to see Grahams changing perspective explored in season 12 especially if (as you say) one character might have to decide between home or the TARDIS.

  4. James said:

    Hi Verities!
    Great podcast about a fantastic episode!
    I’m very excited about the place Doctor Who is at right now!

    One thing I’ve been pondering, which is only touched on briefly in the show, is the idea that The Master stole O’s identity on his way to his first day at work. Does this mean that The Master took his appearance? Presumably yes, or M16 would have realised. This poses other questions, such as, has the Master perfected control over the regeneration process so he can perfectly mirror another person? I’ll be interested to see if this idea is explored further and if the Verities have any thoughts on this too!

    Anyway, I only recently discovered Verity and I’ve been really enjoying it! Keep it up!

  5. Squibby said:

    The start of this episode sounded positive for the episode so I watched it.
    Much better than I expected, including Yas finally getting to do something to do. Yay.
    Graham was quiet and didn’t steal the Doctor’s role. And we got a Master of central asian heritage, busting another barrier in a good way.
    The Doctor was much better thanks to much better writing.

    I got the giggles when I heard Stephen Fry as C because he voices a similar character in the recent series of ‘Danger Mouse’. A ‘Danger Mouse’ and ‘Doctor Who’ cross over is a fun idea and I noticed more references to ‘Danger Mouse’ in both the gadgets and the humour.

    Tansy, a small Rove McManus ‘tut-tut’ for you 🙂 Boxing Day is a National public holiday in Australia and has been since before 1900.

  6. Zoe Taylor said:

    Episode 2… did you spot the continuity error?? Watch the master when he first catches up the Dr in 1830s. From the front he has hand on hip from back it is by his side.

  7. Hello!! Loved the story even before the Big Reveal, was blindsided by the return of the Master! I was thinking this is the version after Missy, but did you guys think it was an earlier version? Since I’m writing this on Jan. 8th, I hope it’s no spoiler to say maybe my favorite scene was the Master/Doctor conversation at the top of the Eiffel Tower!! So many Classic Who references!! And to JAMES, who commented above me, watch the end of “The Keeper of Traken” to see what the Master did to Agent O!

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