Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Holy buttons, what an episode! Join Deb, Katrina, and Lynne as they try to form thoughts and words and sentences about this intensely momentous episode. Sometimes it’s harder to dissect the things we love the most — especially when our heads are still spinning!

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Comments on: "Episode 216 – Fugitive of the Judoon… Desert Planet" (10)

  1. Unfortunately I managed to get spoiled for both the major reveals; not from people (everyone was being nice and vague about it) but from a couple of semi official Doctor Who feeds.

    On the Ruth Doctor (or the Grace Doctor as i keep calling her) I’m pretty in on the 6B theory, except that the sonic screwdriver first appears in the Second Doctors era (though it’s not the magical, can do anything, tool it is today.

    • Your second point about the sonic there is what I’ve been pointing to. Troughton’s sonic was a literal screwdriver for the most part — and it was a simple, small rod. Not recognizing a glowy-spinny-spoon-based implement as the same thing seems perfectly reasonable. And she seemed like she understood what a sonic was. So maybe after regenerating, she decided she didn’t need it, and never thought about it again?

      • MJ Fouldes said:

        I loved it! Second week you are not on the Podcast, Erica! Hope you are okay. Was hoping to hear your views as well!

        I loved it, couldn’t believe all that was thrown at me and I was gloriously unspoiled! This series really has stepped up a gear!!

  2. Sarah42 said:

    Oh, yes, Lynne, I relate to your joy over Doctor Who Magazine finally being fully catalogued. I spent some years as library staff, so that was a thrill for me, too. I’ve quit watching DW for now, and my DWM collecting has been sporadic (collected from early 1980s to 1996, quit, picked back up for Capaldi, quit again), but I still can’t quite disconnect from fannish details such as that.

  3. Graham did have a comedy reaction to Jack growling “sexxxxy” at him, however, even though I’ve rewound it heaps with a queer eye, I didn’t find it icky. Not sure I’m seeing definite signs of the “bisexual Graham” tumblr theory lol, but I’m not seeing NOT evidence of it either, which is nice.

  4. Squibby said:

    I’m on the “Tardis crew were moved into a different dimension in Spyfall by the glowing beings and Ruth is a different dimension Doctor” wagon. Based on her shirt and attitude, possibly an alternative Colin Baker (which Colin Baker will love if its true).

    The alternate dimension also explains Captain Jack being a vibrant pre-end-of-Torchwood character and also being present.

  5. I LOVED this episode. I’ve liked many episodes this era, but this is the kind of glorious brave mad Doctor Who I absolutely adore. I, like many, just really hope what it’s boldly setting up sticks its landing. Loved everyone’s performances (wow, hello Jo Martin!!!), loved the mystery, loved the energy, loved the cinematography & costuming & scoring, loved the reckless veering from one scene to another, from ridiculousness to pathos to darkness. (If I had time I would absolutely sew that kickarse coat of Gat’s and cosplay the hell out of her character – can she please come back from the dead?)

    I’m leaning somewhat on the season 6B theory. Well, I’d like that better than pre-One (or The Doctor Is Secretly An Ancient Timeless Peer of Omega & Rassilon), anyway. The High Council / CIA using the Doctor for semi/nefarious purposes, giving extra/conditional regenerations, threatening to pursue the Doctor to the end of time if they escape from their job, and then for some definite reason at the end of this phase of their use of them, dropping brand new Three on earth in Two’s clothes, memories of the interceding time all but erased? (That Venusian aikido sure came in handy though.)

    I really adored Ruth!Doctor’s gutsiness & swagger & loudness & fierceness & snark, which we’ve seen aplenty in the personalities of most/all Doctors, especially in the new series (and these traits are unquestioningly received as natural/masculine for male heroes generally), but which the show seems rather tentative to explore with Thirteen. Why? I don’t think it’s Jodie’s acting (as some say) so much as I think it’s conscious risk management by production (of a big budget show under white / cis / male supremacy). But, after the safer first series, they do seem to be getting more confident.

    Challenging 🌶️ traits traditionally seen in men such as listed above must be more consciously engineered / carefully managed for women characters for them to be considered sympathetic & attractive/not-repulsive, particularly white women on whom moral guardianship/purity has traditionally rested. (One example, in my opinion, Moffat balanced this aggression/attractive tension by means of giving his – overtly pretty or sexual – female characters dominatrix dynamics with the men – and/or doled out embodied humiliation or sticky ends to resolve the tension. Lol, Press Gang was one of my favourite shows as a teen, even it had some of that.) Black women characters are more likely to be accepted as naturally aggressive by conditioned audiences than white women characters, which is a double-edged sword – but they rarely get to be main characters / the moral meter / heart of the show.

    FULL CREDIT to the show for taking a big risk with this Doctor (yeah it should not be but here we are). It remains true though that this Doctor is still a side character, still somewhat adversarial for Thirteen!Doctor, seemingly questionable in her choices, which is just a little less risky for the show than might be claimed. I think we’re some way from seeing the same level of gutsiness / swagger / loudness / fierceness / snark / moral greyness / aggression / etc (which might be called Doctor “in-character traits”) in the main Doctor character when not played by a male actor. And still some way from an actor of colour as THE Doctor, particularly a woman. (So much less risky for a longrunning villain or side character.) HOWEVER, with Jo Martin’s Doctor onscreen and absolutely killing it in the role (oh, and that SUIT those GLASSES), I still think we are now so much closer than before, just as Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor has helped/is helping pave the way. (Ummm any possible way Jo’s Doctor could be wangled into Fourteen after Jodie leaves???!)

  6. Adored this episode. Absolutely head spun and excited about the entire Ruth Doctor conundrum! Truly engrossing and ‘OMG I can’t wait for the next episode!’ stuff!

    In defence of Chibnall’s Season 11, I believe that the impact and the raised stakes of this season only work because of the brilliant establishing of the comparatively happy-go-lucky Doctor and The Fam in Season 11. Having had a season of Jodie’s Doctor exploring the universe and having adventures without all the baggage of previous angst loaded Doctors has made the return of the darker back-story elements so much more impactful than they would have been if we’d had this stuff from Jodie’s day one. Come the day of a full re-watch of 13’s era (long may that be delayed!!) I think we will see the overarching Chibnall masterplan better and Season 11 (which I really enjoyed on first viewing) will be even better in context.

  7. Elanor MJ said:

    Thoroughly amused by Lynne and Kat bending Deb’s mind with theories this week. Theories so twisty that I think they’re worthy of Adam Richard of Whovians and the Adam Richard Has a Theory podcast

  8. J-P Johnson said:

    Enjoyed the episode but was intrigued by the comment about the surprise at Graham’s reaction to Captain Jack considering he was a bus driver and so a member of the manly-men club. I am a transit driver of similar age to Graham, albeit in Canada, and you will find that transit systems are among the most diverse organizations you will find. And your daily work puts you in contact with a greater cross-section of society than any other job. Graham’s comment about asking a bus driver if you want to know what’s going is absolutely spot on. Yeah, there are bigots and homophobes who drive bus but they are a minuscule percentage of the population. I know a lot of Graham’s in my professional life.

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