Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Coming off the epicness that was “Fugitive of the Judoon”, this week’s story had quite the shoes to fill (or not try to fill). Join Erika, Lizbeth, and Lynne as we discus this rollicking episode full of characters and moments and laughs and scares.

What did you think of “Praxeus”? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Happy things:

Bonus links:
The Frighteners
Erika on The Incomparable Doctor Who Flashcast for “Fugitive of the Judoon”
Hammer House of Podcast
Joy’s tweets about “Praxeus” and representation
Uncanny Magazine
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Download or listen now (runtime 1:04:02) 

Comments on: "Episode 217 – Praxeus Weekly" (2)

  1. The most dangerous/scariest bird in the world is cook clearly the Cassowary

    • I’ve seen them in the wild but I was warned to stay welllll back especially as there were chicks! Danger level: followed shortly behind by the Australian magpie…. I’m really really glad I have been wearing a bike helmet every time because their speed and the force of their angry stabby beaks is pretty terrifying…

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