Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

A Verity! first — a live-in-person recording at Gallifrey One about an episode of Doctor Who! Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Liz as we discuss the episode we watched in a room full of fellow Doctor Who fans. Gally is always a wonderful, but thoroughly exhausting experience, so please forgive the mistaken episode number in the intro. We swear we didn’t slip 72 episodes into the future.

What did you think of “The Haunting of Villa Diodati”? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Our Happy things all happened here at Gallifrey One, so be on the lookout for tickets for next year’s convention. They’re going on sale in just a couple weeks!

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Comments on: "Episode 219 – The Haunting of Villa Diodati Time" (3)

  1. Okay, did no one else think the lady ghost in this episode (with the little girl) looked like Gwenyth (Eve Myles) from The Unquiet Dead?The actress was not listed in the credits… just me?

  2. I’m pretty sure that the Cyberman(Asshad) said that his children joined the resistance and he killed them for it.

    I’m also not entirely sure whether Asshad was originally evil or if he had been reprogrammed/conditioned during his partial cyber-conversion. Obviously his conversion wasn’t complete and his emotions weren’t being suppressed, at least not entirely.

    I don’t know if what we saw was a man who was all gung-ho about becoming a Cyberman and making everyone else into one. Or a victim who had been reprogrammed with that ideology and was emotionally unstable.

  3. Squibby said:

    I liked the story but I wasn’t happy at Mary Shelley’s creative agency being taken from her. I would have prefered it if something had fed off her imagination to create the half cyberman.

    And a little disappointed that sleezy Byron didn’t ask Graham how much he was paying his Mistress Doctor and would Graham share. Or ask why Byron didn’t ask the Doctor if she was an actress and a prostitute or just an actress – only women of very low moral character showed their calves in that era. (It annoyed me that Yas didn’t convince the Doctor to wear longer trousers to suit the era when the companions were all changing clothes.)

    Given that Chris Chibnal is a fan of ’80s Dr Who, I’ve been surprised that both ‘Ghostlight’ (academics with ghosts in a haunted house) and Lytton (the half-cyberman mercenary from ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ and ‘Ressurection of the Daleks’) haven’t been mentioned more in relation to this story.

    Lytton was very interesting as he was a mercenary for the daleks who became cyberised (spoiler for 36 year old tv). That makes me wonder if we’ll seeing something similar next week – that is the ‘resistance’ Asshad mentioned might not be to the cybermen but something else.

    I’m waiting for someone to call Asshad “Asshat” on the show.

    Re the ghostly woman and child, and Graham – their clothes were closer to early Victorian which makes me wonder if they were being pulled in from a different era with the time movenents. And I wonder if the woman and child saw Graham as a ghost and left him the food.

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