Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Series 12 was certainly no series 11! Join Deb, Lynne, and Tansy as they discuss the series as a whole. The additional risk-taking, the historicals, the Master, the Doctor, the Doctor, and so much more. There’s a lot to dig into.

What did you think of series 12 as a whole? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Episode 222 – He Blew Up Traditional Fandom" (5)

  1. Clive Ramsden said:

    I’ve really enjoyed Series 12. I liked Series 11, but some of the stories were a little uninspiring, shall we say. But I have loved every single story in this series for various reasons. Jodie and the fam have been amazing.
    The writing and directing has been top notch and the sense of peril, which was largely missing from Series 11, was palpable. Roll on Series 13!

  2. Sarah42 said:

    Could this podcast please stop claiming that fanboy Chibnall went on TV to complain about the Sylvester McCoy serials? It seems that he was complaining about Pip and Jane Baker during Colin Baker’s time, since it was 1986 (and McCoy wasn’t until 1987), and I’ve heard it alleged that he ended up liking McCoy. Thanks. (I mean, unless you’re trying to prove that time travel exists. Maybe he was able to complain about McCoy before McCoy became the Doctor!)

  3. Squibby said:

    I agree with the points raised in this video

    Goodbye new who.

  4. I’d like to join in the positivity but I’m afraid that my interpretation of this series is of a show runner who has been massively told off by his bosses and has produced 2 hugely divergent series, neither of which have been particularly healthy for the show.

    Having been economical with anything timey-wimey in series 11 he produces Spyfall part 2 which at times seemed like more of a parody than the Curse of Fatal Death. I particularly hated the crass way that the cliffhanger was fixed. I know we’ve had plenty of big friendly buttons before but to actually have the companions who would have died in the plane be the ones to remind the Doctor to go back and fix things really felt to me like sticking two fingers up to the audience.
    Then having pussy-footed around history last series in Rosa and Demons of the Punjab the show takes the events at Villa Diodati and stomps all over them! In the company of the most accomplished male poets of the time, it was a young woman who had the most brilliant flight of the imagination and came up with Frankenstein. Except now she was just copying what she saw with the cyberman! Unforgivable.
    When series 11 started I remember the people who said that they loved the new simpler storylines and how they could finally understand the show again. It wasn’t my view but I’d had my perfect Dr Who with series 8 and 9 and I was glad for them if they were now getting theirs. What on earth would they have made of this last episode, one of the most brain-frazzling, exposition-heavy stories ever? I went to the recent comic con in London and I was genuinely shocked at the lack of interest from people in meeting Tosin Cole and Patrick O’Kane, this being on the very day when their big finale was due to air. If we’d had 2 series in the style of series 11, I might have said that Chris Chibnall had been so successful at changing the demographic of Dr Who viewers that they now simply weren’t the sort of people who show their fandom by queuing up for autographs. As it is, I think that Chibnall both gained and lost fans with series 11 and now, by changing tack so entirely, has simply lost the new fans he gained.

  5. Thank you, Tansy, for your comments on the Oodcast. What a find – my new isolation companions. I’d earlier listened to all the Verity archived episodes, it’s nice to have another positive, cheering resource.

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