Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Time for more hindsight. Join Deb, Erika, and Katrina as we dip back and see if “Blink” is really all that or if our views have changed over the years.

Have you revisited this story recently? If so, what did you think, and how did that compare with how you felt about it in the first place? How do you feel about it as a Doctor Who intro story? And has that changed? Let us know in the comments!


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Erika’s post on “Blink” as a Doctor Who starter story
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Comments on: "Episode 229 – Do Blink" (3)

  1. Viola said:

    I agree that the leaf in Rings of Akhaten is not the same, but for a different reason. As the Doctor tells Clara during the ceremony, the locals offer gifts of value to the Old God. There’s an element of emotion, personal connection and sacrifice, which isn’t there for the Angels, they’re just predators feeding of the unlived years of people they send back in time. 11’s speech was certainly emotional, but he didn’t have anything specific to give up. He offers his memories but probably knows they won’t actually be taken from him. Clara’s willing to lose something of extreme personal value to her. She takes the concept of the offering and amplifies it by giving the leaf infinite potential, tricking Evil Pumpkin Planet God into imploding itself. And it’s just her first trip, she’s amazing.

    As for later Weeping Angel appearances, I think it’s one of those sequel problems where expectations are so high from the initial thing, they can’t really be met. No matter what the episodes are like, they will never impress people the same way Blink did. Maybe if someone saw the two parter or Angels Take Manhattan before Blink?

    I get why a lot of people don’t like the new things introduced about the Angels in those stories but I’m glad Moffatt didn’t just depict them the exact same way (in which case he would have been accused of being unoriginal so it’s a damned if you do, damned of you don’t situation). I think he raised the stakes cleverly. In season 5, we have the Angel coming out of the screen which calls back to 10 on the tv in Blink, and the added danger of infecting Amy’s mind. Then the next appearance has them stocking up power so they’re able to control statues in New York. I always thought that’s what’s going with the Statue of Liberty and all other statues that don’t look like Angels. None of them are actually Weeping Angels so it doesn’t matter if they’re made of stone or not.

  2. Haven’t listened to this yet; Just wanted to speak up and say: Thankyou so much for “Verity!”. You folks have kept me company all through the lockdown here in the UK, and still now as I’m continuing on furlough until my employers decide I’m the next person to call back to work. I found you via having previously been a regular listener to the SF Squeecast; I dipped in for a couple of random episodes, and then decided I neeed to really start from the beginning and listen to you from Ep 1, watching the relevant DW eps as and when you tackled them.

    I’ve a feeling my furlough might be drawing to a close soon, but I hope it won’t happen until I’m *amost but not quite* up to date with your latest episodes. But either way, it’s high time I became a Patron…


    … OK, Done! =:o}

  3. Paul B. =:o} said:

    Ha! I must have slowed down a lot, because almost a year later I’ve still got nearly a year’s worth of Verity! to catch up on… Except I’ve heard them all before, when they were new… OK, *that’s* timey-wimey! [BLINKS IN CONFUSION. REMEMBERS BLINKING IS A BAD IDEA. NERVOUSLY LOOKS AROUND FLAT CHECKING WHETHER ANYTHING HAS MOVED.]

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