Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Today’s recording is as cozy as the episode. Join Deb and Erika as they discuss another story that often lands near the top of the Doctor Who polls. Is “Midnight” as good as its rep? We dig in!

Have you watched this story recently? If so, what did you think, and how did that compare with how you felt about it in the first place? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Shared happy thing: CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON RETURNS TO DOCTOR WHO in 12 new 9th Doctor stories for Big Finish!!!

Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Episode 233 – Midnight on the Firing Line" (13)

  1. emilyctopham said:

    How great to hear you both talk about a great episode that’s fallen by the wayside a bit! I just rewatched this a few weeks ago, a friend and I are watching through the 4th series, and she hadn’t seen it before!
    This is also one of the few episodes of Doctor Who that my theater-kid sister has seen, and she agrees with Erika that this ep would make a good Forensics one-act!

  2. Kirsten Roepke-Larsen said:

    Yay I’m so excited to hear your thoughts on one of my favorite episodes ever! However I have to admit that when the episode popped up in my podcast app I misread it as a review of the first episode of B5 due to the episode title and was very confusing for a moment. I assume your episode title choice was a reference to your other fandoms Erika 😉

  3. Jean C said:

    Erika’s approach to the year of specials is the same as mine to the Whittaker era, and until the 50th anniversary to TV movie. Each to their own personal view of what is Dr Who.

    Re your happy thing: I suspect that as well as fandom’s welcome, Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir John Hurt doing Big Finish stories may have reassured Mr Eccleston that its worthy and not a career killer. And all actors need something performative to do now.

    • temporalparadox said:

      I’ve felt it’s been inevitable since he started opening up about why he left. I just didn’t think it would happen for a few more years.

    • Icon_UK said:

      Agreed, I think the Doctor managed to hold of regenerating after the Dalek blast as long as he could, and ended up regenerating at the end of Journey’s End just as the credit’s rolled. Anything that happened after that until The Eleventh Hour is a last minute hallucination in the Doctor’s head.

  4. temporalparadox said:

    Since you brought up merging Stolen Earth/Journey’s End and The End of Time, I came by to say that I think those should’ve been a three part finale. They already seem pretty close together in the serve that the Daleks were building a Reality Bomb to assure Dalek supremacy (without really having a plan for how they themselves would survive and have anything to be supreme over as I recall) and Rassilon’s plan was to destroy reality and become energy beings or something.

    Imagine watching a story where it seems that the Master has teamed up with the Daleks, but then you start to find out that someone has been manipulating them through time and space into putting all the pieces together for what turns out to be Rassilon’s plan pulling the strings from the last Time Locked days of the Time War, tricking the greatest enemies of Gallifrey, into creating the engine of their own destruction, only for the Doctor and his friends who happen to have scattered themselves across the cosmos in just the right places to foil it all. How’s that for an RTD swan song? Wrapping up his Daleks, his Master, his Doctor, his companions, his spin-offs, and his Time War all in one go?

    • temporalparadox said:

      Oh yes, I was also going to suggest that I’ve heard some Star Trek podcasts do episode rewrites and that might be a fun Extra topic. I think it was the original Earl Grey crew that was the first to do it on Trek FM, but it spread around to the rest of the network and I know Women at Warp has done rewrite discussions since leaving Trek FM. I recommend “Bonk, Bonk!”, WAW’s rewrite of “Miri”, to get an idea of how it works.

  5. I’m glad you both felt this one stood the test of time!

    My partner and I are currently making our way through all of ‘New’ Who again and we watched this one a few weeks back. I always liked it and I still think it’s one of RTD’s best episodes. It’s a lovely, self-contained slice of psychological horror, and I think it helps that we never found out what the evil entity was. It gives this episode a nice whiff of cosmic horror – the unknown is scary, especially if it remains unknown.

  6. I know the people who did the play at the Adelaide Fringe! They are regulars in the local Discworld group which I’m also involved with. In fact Tansy saw us perform at Nullus Anxietas last year!

  7. Neil A Ottenstein said:

    Haven’t listened to it yet, but I do like the B5 reference in the title.

  8. Michael J said:

    Life-long Doctor Who fan (since I was a baby in England). Been watching it since the 70’s. I’ve got my Who-creds. Blah, blah, blah.
    David Tennant is “My Doctor.” (And he is frighteningly tall!) And “Midnight” is one of favourite episodes. But that’s not actually what brings me here… 😉

    I have a couple of nits to pick over things that the two of you were adamant about.
    You had stated that “Turn Left” was a reset button, that the events of that story didn’t matter. And that is true… for everyone in the main Doctor Who timeline. However, Rose remembered everything that Donna had been through. And Donna’s sacrifice enabled Rose to pierce the veil between universes to cross over… somehow (insert Timey-Wimey justification here).

    You had also mentioned that you hated the idea of the Tardis requiring six pilots to operate properly. That idea was taken from Big Finish (of which both RTD and Moffat are big fans). I believe it was from the 2002 Eighth Doctor story, “Neverland.”

    Anyway, great episode ladies! Stay safe!

  9. David Thiel said:

    “Midnight” scared the bejeezus out of me. At that time I still had to torrent episodes, and by the time the file was complete it was already past midnight. My wife was away for the weekend, so I was alone in the house, sitting in the basement and feeling every last hair on my neck stand up.

    For me, “Midnight” was “What if Doctor Who landed in an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone?’” TZ was often about inexplicable forces imposing on reality and exposing something about human nature. Here, the Doctor winds up in the middle of a paranoia parable ala “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street,” and what it exposes is just how much he needs a companion to “human” for him.

  10. CritterKeepe said:

    The theatre version of Midnight was done as a student project, with some lines shifted around to give everyone a chance to shine. YouTube has both the technical rehearsal and the final production There are some glitches in each, but together you can really see what can be done with this story! They said they didn’t identify it as a Doctor Who episode in particular, and some people realized and some didn’t. 🙂

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