Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

If you wanted to hear the Verities play a Doctor Who board game from 1976, today is your day! Join Liz as she runs Deb and Lynne all over the universe, trying to find the Doctor.

Have you played this game? Did you win? How many planets did you blow up? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Download or listen now (runtime 36:06) 

Comments on: "Extra! – Doctor Who Saves the Universe (1976)" (3)

  1. The last time I played this game, one of my friends managed to blow up both Gallifrey and Earth in a single turn!

    I don’t think we ever managed a fully-pacifist run, but we definitely tried.

  2. Alll I can say is… *PLEASE* don’t blow Deva Loka!!! =XoD

  3. Paul Cornell said:

    I still have a copy of that game. Unfortunately, it’s missing Chedaki and Blor.

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