Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Time to turn our hindsight on another beloved Doctor Who story. Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as they discuss “City of Death”. Does Deb still feel “eh” about it? Listen and find out!

Have you rewatched this story recently? If so, what did you think, and how did that compare with how you felt about it in the first place? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Happy things:

Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Download or listen now (runtime 1:19:19) 

Comments on: "Episode 240 – We Built This City of Death" (2)

  1. Yay! I’m glad you all liked this one.

    I’m not the biggest fan of the Graham Williams/Douglas Adams era (I still find it hard to forgive and forget the tonal whiplash I felt as a child, when my favourite dark and scary show morphed into this bright and jolly thing), but this is about as good as it gets!

    Big, clever SF ideas, an intelligent and witty script, great performances, Paris, and Duggan! What’s not to love?

  2. I loved listening to this episode, and am so glad you enjoyed it. This has been my top ranked Doctor Who episode since I first watched it. I encountered it back in 1994 having no idea where it was in general fan lore and not even realising it was Douglas Adams (I was already a huge Hitchhiker fan) and instantly fell in love with it. This is my happy place and nothing has ever supplanted it for me (I am unashamedly positive about all eras of Doctor Who, but this still stands on a little ledge by itself). Interesting that you wouldn’t use it as the way to introduce someone to Doctor Who – I’d still considered that it would be the best, but I’ve never actually done so – the one time I ever tried to introduce someone, I chose the Awakening, which was a horrendous disaster, so I really am not qualified to form an opinion on this.

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