Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

A new year means a new theme for Verity! Join Deb, Katrina, Liz, and Lynne as they talk about what 2021 has in store for the podcast.

What kinds of things are you looking forward to this year? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Deb’s appearance on Who & Company
Verity! Episode List Spreadsheet
Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Extra! – 2021-derful" (4)

  1. I love hearing that y’all are watching random stuff, too. I have spent the past (nearly) year binging various K-dramas, C-dramas, and the occasional J-drama. My new happy place!

    • Scott Boswell said:

      Is that ‘C’ for Canada or China? I guess not Cameroon or Chile or Columbia or . . . lol!

  2. Eric Gjovaag said:

    In the lead-up to the actual reveal, I thought the theme might be comedy in the show, This could be an amusing sub-theme for the year. Once you actually revealed the theme, the first story I thought of was “Delta and the Bannermen”. That’s one of my off-the-beaten-track comfort watches. Thanks to the link to the spreadsheet, I see you have done it (and I may have to go back and listen to it again some time this year). But another topic I thought of that you might want to tackle is “The Sarah Jane Adventures”. Hey, if you’re going to do some “Torchwood”, you may as well go to the other end of the spectrum as well. SJA is some good old-fashioned twentieth-century “Doctor Who” wrapped up in a kids’ show. And since 2021 marks ten years (REALLY?) since Elisabeth Sladen’s passing, it may be a good occasion to look at a few stories from that series.

    And I am totally with Liz, this is the year to do “The Time Monster”!

  3. Rebecca Rondomanski said:

    I love this year’s theme! Couldn’t be happier- looking forward to the Verities take on things that make you happy. Seeing things through someone else’s eyes makes a difference in the way I see it myself. Sometimes anyway.

    I am also very excited to hear about some of the spin offs and Big Finish.

    I have several episodes that either make me laugh-City of Death comes to mind or that make me feel good and hopeful-The Doctor Dances.

    I want to put this forth for any 4th Doctor fans…Tom Baker’s Scratchman is an absolute gem. Funny, touching, and a very good insight into the 4th Doctor and Tom Baker. No spoilers-if you like Tom Baker you will love it. I got the Audible version where Tom Baker reads it. Worth. Every. Penny.

    Happy 2021!

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