Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

We start off our 2021 theme with some “Comfort Who”! Join Deb, Erika, Lynne, and Tansy as we dig into a story that makes Deb happy, “Partners in Crime.”

Is this story comfort Who for you? Who or why not? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Happy Things:

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Comments on: "Partners in Crime and Punishment" (1)

  1. I was thinking about rewatching this story lately, what great timing!

    I’m really not a comedy person either but the humor in this story always works for me for some reason. The scene with the windows is hilarious and I like the “I want a mate” thing too. I think as a non-native English speaker, comedy based on mishearing things is usually funny to me.

    I also wanted to yell at The Doctor when he said “she fancied me” about Martha. Way to not take responsibly for how he treated her.

    On the first watch, Rose showing up at the end was big. I got into Doctor Who between series 7a and 7b, so I already knew some things, but I had no idea she was in series 4.
    I was also cross about it because after a whole season of 10 getting over her and how badly that affected Martha, I didn’t want her memory overshadowing another companion. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

    Donna’s definitely a companion I wasn’t sure about initially but I grew to like her more and more. I agree her characterization and relationship to the Doctor is noticeably different from Rose and Martha, it took some getting used to. It was a nice change to have a companion who doesn’t hero worship the Doctor and takes him down a notch when needed. So was no romance after it featuring heavily in previous seasons. In some ways it’s unfortunate the first time New Who did this was with a companion who was older and less thin than the previous two companions. But it comes from Donna having no romantic interest in the Doctor and not wanting to deal with his stuff, which makes a lot of sense after what he was like when she met him for the first time. It’s also balanced out with River showing up and then featuring as the primary love interest for the 11th Doctor, portrayed by an even younger actor.

    I also had a thought about what was Donna up to since Runaway Bride. I like that she travelled, how capable she is and she’s deliberately trying to find the Doctor because she wants that life of adventure. What bothered me is more of a fandom response re: companions. Amy, River and Clara were often criticised by some for having basically their entire lives “revolving around the Doctor” while RTD era companions were held up as the gold standard. While we see Donna’s compassion shine through with Stacey and she wants to do good by stopping Ms. Foster and her company, her main motivation is completely about the Doctor. I have no issue with this, after all the Doctor is the main character, they’re a major factor in defining the lives of the companions. This is true for all of them, and singling out companions to “prove” they’re bad characters is unfair.

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