Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

This entry is cross-posted from Erika’s personal blog.

Hello gentle readers, I’ve mostly been expressing myself on Twitter these days. It seems like it’s so much less pressure than writing a blog post — which I know makes no sense when a tweet thread can be longer than a blog post. Brains are weird.

Anyway, today’s tweet thread is something important, so I’m also posting it here.

I think I may cross-post this over on the Verity! site as well. [Look! I did!] It’s a message I think a lot of people need to hear. And I fervently hope people will click through the links and listen to the POC who are talking about this and not just take it from some white chick.

Many thanks to @InquiringJoy, from whom I got several of these links. You should definitely follow her for great content like this and much more.

Comments on: "Doctor Who (& its Fandom) Have a Long Way to Go wrt Race, Diversity" (1)

  1. Michelle A said:

    Thank you Erika.

    I don’t believe Doctor Who fandom is fundamentally racist, or more racist than any other part of society. But I do believe there is a lot of passion among fans and that does unfortunately mean the vocal racists among the Doctor Who viewers being passionate too. And we do have some work to do.

    The conversation all fans need to have isn’t about if inclusiveness should happen, because it has happened, but instead be about the strengths, opportunities and voices that inclusiveness can bring to the show.

    The test that fans of colour will continue to face with an inclusive ‘Doctor Who’ is the reality that most of the characters in a Doctor Who story die or are victims or are evil, with only a few characters helping the Doctor. This means lots of dead, wounded or evil BIPOC characters, and the evil BIPOC characters will have a wide range of victims.

    That’s a ‘Doctor Who’ story for us all. Bodies everywhere without discrimation

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