Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

It’s Lynne’s turn for some “Comfort Who”! Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Lynne as we discuss a murder mystery with art deco robots.

Is this story comfort Who for you? Who or why not? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Happy Things:

Verity!‘s GBBO ep
Our previous ep covering “Robots of Death”
Big Finish Robots range
Erika playing “E-84” on Total Party Kill
Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "The Robots of Death Cab for Cutie" (3)

  1. Mike Brown said:

    You might be interested in this episode of BBC4 Radio’s Great Lives broadcast. Would love to see Catz’s movie where she plays Derbyshire.

    BBC Radio 4 – Great Lives, Caroline Catz on Delia Derbyshire

  2. Loved the scarf knitting talk during the Happy Things…I decided about a month ago that it was finally time for me to knit a Scarf. But, I have no particular ties to or affinity for the 4th Doctor (I started watching during the 10/Donna season, and I haven’t yet gotten to Tom Baker’s episodes on Brit Box) So, I decided to put my own twist on things! I am following the pattern (mainly just color order and number of rows for each stripe) put out by BBC Enterprises in the 80’s (I think?), but I have changed the colors to ones inspired by the 13th Doctor’s costume. I am so pleased with the result so far, and can’t wait to see how it turns out! Anyway, thought I’d share with folks who would get it 🙂 Thanks for a great podcast always.

  3. […] first Comfort & Joy epOur  ep on “The Robots of Death”Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!Support Verity! on […]

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