Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Welcome to the Verity! TARDIS Tour of the Universe – Planning Intergalactic Package Holidays since 1963! Join Deb, Erika, and Tansy as Tansy helps us plan and experience some thrilling intergalactic travel!

You can play along with us at home! Grab a six-sided die and join the fun! What pre-flight choices did you make? And where did you end up Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Extra! – Verity! TARDIS Tour of the Universe" (3)

  1. Void Fort Titou said:

    Ok, so I’ve played and…

    I went in the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS, with Barbara (because she’s a history teacher, so she’d know a lot about the places in history we go, but she’s never annoying about it, just excited to witness history) and Donna, because she’s just fun to be around.

    I picked the 9th Doctor to go with us, because he needs a holiday so bad, and I think he and Donna would get along very well also. I went with the yellow pajamas, because comfy, and well, I’m a math teacher, so I’m not usurping the badge ! And obviously, the food bar, in the TARDIS I’d want to eat scifi, and I love eggs and bacon.

    So our first stop is Traken in time of peace, so that’s nice, until, of course, the planet is invaded by Daleks. Now, that’d be pretty traumatic for the 9th Doctor, si I think I’d just use the Vortex Manipulator to go back to Genesis of the Daleks, and wipe the Daleks out right after the 4th Doctor decides not to. Yup, that’ll probably have catastrophic ramifications on the fabric of the universe, but at least they won’t be able to ruin our vacation, so that’s a win in my book. And we can still fix it later, probably.

    So our next stop will be the Punjab, and that’s probably a bit of karmic retribution, because that is not going to be nice. First, because Barabra is actually a contemporary of the event, and might be a bit upset to witness what was going on there, and second, because I’m wearing an Union Jack T-shirt, and people may not take kindly to that. I’ll just have to hope that my French accent is thick enough to save me, and allow me to be teleported to Gallifrey !

    And even better, to the Time Lord Academy. So that’ll be pretty nice, actually, I think Barbara, while not scientifically inclined, would love being in an academics style of environment, and maybe she could even meet a younger 1st Doctor, I think she’d get a kick out of that. We could even stay a while and look a way for Donna to keep all her Time Lord knowledge without dying, maybe have her graduate to be a Time Lord proper ?

    So finally, we’ll leave, maybe the Master will figure out our secret, he’s a pretty smart cookie, and we’ll steal a TARDIS, but alas, we’ll be stuck in the swinging 60s. Well, Barbara got home, at least ! She can reunite with Ian, and I guess Donna will be my roomate for the time being. I hoped really hard for a K9, because I love dogs, and robots, and especially pretentious robot dogs, but I had an Ood butler instead. Well, I’ll free him immediately, of course, and he can be our third roommate.

    I’d also try to invest wisely, and maybe destroy the capitalism that plagues our planet in 2021, if Donna is a Time Lord, I guess she might know of a better way than just get filthy rich and destroy the economy from the inside ? She’d actually know how to fly the TARDIS we stole from Gallifrey, so I guess we could keep travelling also, if the 60s get boring.

    So here’s my Doctor Who vacation ! Thank you for the game, it was a great time. ^^

  2. Ace, Clara and Ruth Doctor! What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Vila42 said:

    This. Was. So. Much. Fun!

    I chose the wooden control room (with the soft lighting and the stained glass window.) My crew consisted of Adric and Rory with the 13th Doctor (less reckless than 11 and more patient than 5) and I got to travel with my two brave worriers. I went wild card for my outfit and opted for Victoria’s outfit from the Abominable Snowmen (white lacy blouse, tan wool coat, dark grey wool slacks, practical boots and pockets.)

    First stop is Midnight, which suited me beautifully, being a Virgo and a beader, the chance to see a sapphire waterfall is just too good to pass up (the boys are less enthused, however.) Things went awry when a bunch of Zygons show up and Adric went missing. Rory and I, employing the camera and flashlight functions of our respective mobile phones (he got a shot of which way the Zygon took Adric and I used the flashlight to distract the Zygon long enough for Rory to get Adric out.) However, one the Zygons had already changed to resemble Adric, so things got a little confusing for a bit. It turns out that this particular Zygon was not especially happy with his lot, so we convinced him to join us and smuggled him onboard the TARDIS. We then proceeded to enjoy the cheese platter that Adric had swiped earlier (really more of an anti pasto plate… not a good idea to eat too much cheese without anything else.) After that bit of excitement, there was no more grumbling about looking at the waterfall.

    Next stop, Punjab circa 1947. I changed out of Victoria’s woolen outfit (otherwise I would have broiled in the heat) and I managed to find in the TARDIS wardrobe one of Captain Jack’s coats and donned that over a nice plain t-shirt and jeans and comfy shoes. None of us wanted to be there when we found out what was happening, however, Rory promptly started getting his Florence Nightingale vibe going and started lending medical aid when he could with Adric and I assisting to the best of our abilities. Fortunately we found the time ring (rather a bit by accident) and were suddenly whisked away to Gallifrey’s Academy. Not knowing how long we would be there, we sat in on some classes. Adric got some lessons on how to properly pilot a TARDIS, Rory enjoyed some medical classes (and pilfered some of the first aid items for his collection,) and I opted for a fascinating history class. I had just finished my class and had met up with Rory when an absolutely elated Adric joined us, being closely followed by K-9. K-9 led the three of us to where the Doctor was waiting next to what looked like a concrete cylinder. She motioned for us to follow her in and we soon found ourselves in another TARDIS. We made one more brief stopover in the Punjab to fetch the Doctor’s TARDIS. She returned Rory to his flat in London where Amy was waiting for him. Adric was returned to the 5th Doctor’s TARDIS (only little did she know that it was really Zygon Adric, who ended up surviving the crash and found the climate of pre-historic Earth quite to his liking.) The Doctor assured me that she would get me home five minutes after I left, but I wound up in the 1960s at the residence of Barbara and Ian. Adric had already sneaked out while the Doctor was busy and I joined him after saying a fond farewell to the Doctor and as a parting gift she gave me a psychic paper. Adric and I enjoyed swapping travel stories and talking science and history with Ian and Barbara. Adric and Ian commiserated over how awful the their Doctors could be at time and the psychic paper was put to good use by sneaking into the BBC and rummaging through their rubbish bins and rescuing discarded film canisters and smuggling them out with help from Ian and Barbara.

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