Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who


We’re debuting a new 2021derful segment, the “Big Idea”! Join Deb, Erika, and Liz as we talk about hats in Doctor Who. That’s right. Hats! They’re great!

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Liz’s blog post about Doctor Who hats
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Comments on: "Hats!" (11)

  1. What a delightful episode! It’s nice to have something simple and fluffy be the topic sometimes, not every episode has to be deep.

    Two of my favorite expressions of hats in Doctor Who come from the most recent season: I was so pleased to see the whole fam wearing proper toppers with their period rig in both Nicola Tesla’s Night of Terror *and* The Haunting of Villa Diodati–bowlers and top hats and bonnets, oh my!

  2. Neowhovian said:

    I just rewatched Snakedance for my blog, and there is a wonderfully ridiculous ceremonial hat in that: the Six Faces of Delusion!

  3. Scott Boswell said:

    Hats are not only a valid conversation in a Dr. Who discussion, it’s been long overdue! I’m a hat fan, and while you talked I was ticking off some of the great hats in Who history; Liz got the ones I was thinking of! lol! But I was surprised she didn’t mention the ones in the 12 Doctor and Bill story, ‘Thin Ice’. Some fashionable headgear there! As for alien hats, what about the headwear the cat nurses had in, was it ‘New Earth’? Anyway, it was a fun talk!

  4. Valoise said:

    The Ribos Operation is definitely my favorite hat episode. You mentioned the lack of humor in modern sf. Check out season 2 to the present of Legends of Tomorrow. Crazy humor? Space ship? Hats (where appropriate when visiting the past)? It’s got them all.

  5. The brief discussion of how many ways you can use a hat brought to mind a sequence from the novella “The Borders of Infinity”, by Lois McMaster Bujold. Highly recommended reading!

  6. Icon_UK said:

    Donna did take several boxes of hats with her when she left in the TARDIS (in case they ended up on The Planet of the Hats, but I don’t think we saw her wear any. Clearly, the anti-hat agenda in full flight!.

    The Thirteenth Doctor also expresses interest in Lord Byron’s rather over-the-top helmet in The Haunting fo the Villa Diodati “…I’ll probably come back for this, though. Strictly for, er, safety purposes. Not because it really suits me or anything.”

    We also got the fun exchange in the Big Finish audio where River Song meets Missy, who admits that following her most recent regeneration; “I find I’m more of a hat person now. You’d think it would be shoes, but no, suddenly I’m all about the hats”

    • Icon_UK said:


      I’m sure I’ve also read the JFK was the first major American politician to basically forego hats when in public, and that it became more of a trend because of him, but I can’t say where I read it, so might be getting that completely wrong.

      Whilst the science fiction aspects aren’t the focus, I do think “The Hunger Games” has to be regarded as science fiction., since it involves humans, in the future, using technology we don’t have (in terms of genetic manipulation etc)

      Oh, and I did just remember that for more recent hats, sort-of-steampunk series “The Nevers”, has a character named “Bonfire Annie” who REALLY knows how to wear a bowler. (I mean, other characters wear hats because it’s a Victorian period piece, but no one wears a hat as stylishly as she does!)

  7. Great discussion. Favorite alien hats are in Castrovalva. Honorable mention goes to Meglos even though all the Gaztak hats are recycled from other stories. When I first saw the Archimandrite’s hat in the coronation scene, I poo-pooed it as being a place setting wrapped around his head, but when I saw the matching skull cap at the end I realized it was brilliant. Favorite earthbound hat has to be the Brigadier’s jeff cap he has whenever he’s not in uniform (most of the time). Love Sarah’s hat in Robot and Steven’s cowboy hat in the Gunfighters.

    The peripheral characters I would love to see expanded are Stratton and Bates from Attack of the Cybermen. What did they used to do before they were captured by the Cybermen? How did they meet? Was the third dude part of a triple act or was he a rando? Is the time vessel that seemingly arbitrarily needs three people theirs? Does Bates only express himself in whispers and shouts? I want to know.

    • Vila42 said:

      Thanks for mentioning my favorite alien hats! I love the hats in Castrovalva for all the gloriously bizarre variations they managed to do on that one basic theme of a stove-pipe hat. My honorable mention goes to the Tesh Leader from Face of Evil and is delightfully crazy glove/hat. I thought that was the most giggle inducing and mind-boggling thing I had ever seen put on someones head.

      On the more normal side of things, Romana I’s purple fedora (and the rest of her outfit as well) from Power of Kroll and Romana II’s straw boater from Full Circle (and lots of other episodes.) As far as nuWho, Wilf’s knit hat looks very comfy (and I’m not sure if they count properly as a hat, but his Christmas antlers belong on any list of Doctor Who headgear.) Plus anything that the 11th Doctor put on his head.

  8. Rebecca Rondomanski said:

    So after listening to this episode I went to Etsy to find a crochet version of a newsboy hat and they have several really lovely ones. It would definitely be more like a took in it’s warming ability. I have not purchased the pattern (yet) but just for funsies it may very well happen. Crochet is what keeps me sane in my real life so having an inspiration is very helpful.

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