Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Just Spin-offs!

It’s another “Big Idea” segment! Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Tansy as we talk about Deb’s Big Idea — Doctor Who guest actors who could carry their own show (and what kind of show that might be)!

And yes, we do spend some time talking about The Big News about Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall leaving the show. Thus the dearth of Happy Things.

Which guest characters do you think could carry their own series? And what would that series entail? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Just Spin-offs!" (6)

  1. On Jodie and Chibs leaving, in terms of reactions, I had a bit of a cry when I heard it ngl. I’m one of the few who like both of them so it did hurt. But I will say, there was a lot of sad people on social media at least from what I saw, who were distraught over her leaving. So it’s maybe a case of looking in certain places. She is both my favorite Doctor and first regeneration so this one stung a lot, but I’m holding in all my worries and looking forward to what we have left with her.

  2. A spin off with Perkins (Frank Skinners character from Mummy On The Orient Express). He’s the main character in a Star Trek/Firefly type space travel series. He’s just smart and kind and non toxic masculinity, just chillin and fixing things while chaos happens around him.

  3. Icon_UK said:

    A few of your suggestions (Which were enormous fun) sound like they could be ITC series from the 70’s (Which is meant as a compliment I assure you). Akin to the wave of UK produced series like “The Protectors”, “The Persuaders”,”The Saint”, “The Champions” and others (including some which didn’t even start with “The”! Like “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)” )

    A couple of others sort of sound like they’d fit well into the “Rememberance of the Daleks” proto-UNIT spin off that Big Finish set up as “Counter Measures” with military, science and politics all combining.

    I’m particularly sold on “Yes Minister” meets “Colony in Space” which does seem a bit like “Babylon 5” but I would watch the heck out of it! 🙂

    Another one which I’m happy DOES already exist is “The White Witch of Devil’s End” the folk horror based audio/web series recorded a couple of years back by Damaris Hayman, who played Olive Hawthorne in “The Dæmons” (and who sadly recently passed away at the grand age of 91).

  4. Heidi said:

    How about a disco opera about Paradise Towers? The Red Kangs and Blue Kangs are at war until they realize they have nothing to fight about, it’s just the power structure stirring them up to distract them. Once they realize this, they band together to overthrow the tyrants and create a new egalitarian utopia. With big Broadway style numbers.

  5. Heidi said:

    Rita from The God Complex deserves a show. She obviously has a dramatic family dynamic so it could be her journey towards coming to terms with her demanding father. Not necessarily interesting in a Doctor Who way, but as realistic psychology, I’d like to learn more about her.

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