Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Tansy had a fab idea for an Extra!, and some lovely listeners helped! Join Deb, Liz, and Tansy as they discuss Doctor Who ships. No, not the space kind. The romantic kind!

Which are your fave/least-fave ships? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria! (Especially because he created a whole new Extra! intro for us!)
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Comments on: "Extra! – Ships in the Night" (7)

  1. I never would have thought of shipping Zoe with Isobel Watkins, until I read this ship:

    Caution: It’s pretty dark crossover between “The Invasion” and a fan-created version of 1970s-era Torchwood.

    My first ever ship was Adric/Nyssa, and my first shipfic was Tegan/Furlough… Both of those during the era they first aired, so I like to think I was way ahead of my time on the classic Who shipping front. =:o}

    I was a 4/Romana shipper from the day they sat in a cell and called each other incredible & wonderful, in State of Decay, and my OT4 is TARDIS/Doctor/Romana/K9. But these days I’m also quite partial to 12/Clara, 12/missy, and dark, guilt-riddled 13/Master, largely thanks to fics by Nostalgia.

    • Nicole Mazza said:

      I’m such a HUGE Zoe/Isabel shipper and have always loved that story! 🙂

  2. Michele Cunkelman said:

    I am iffy on the romance thing with Doctor who. It is nice to have a show where romance isn’t part of it, the automatic the main characters have to get together. I found the rose/10 thing obnoxious especially when they were rude to other companions or family members.

    No sure I can’t see any of the doctors with many of their companions. Though I did like the idea of the Doctors with River. 😀 Companion pairings though:

    Ian and Barbara
    Zoe and Jamie
    Pollly and ben
    Not sure about current companions
    I wish we had more river with 12

    • Michele Cunkelman said:

      At your Amy and Rory part of the podcast. I was thinking more of those who are not the canon. They are married and have a child. So they are a pairing already 😀
      Nyssa and Tegan, i could see it.
      I Will have to rewatch the new who and think about the current ones.
      I can kind of see 13 and Yaz or Ryan and Yaz.
      Graham I could see with several companions , now I think about it. Maybe Donna, River. Though alot of the females tend to be on the young side so I have trouble pairing him with many.

  3. Nicole Mazza said:

    I recently had an online encounter with a Classic Who fan (male) who was SUPER ANGRY at the thought of anyone — including myself — shipping people in the Classic series. I’d made some off-hand comment about how shippy I think the end of ‘The Green Death’ is for Jo/Three (not a big ship for me, personally, but still) and he was all ‘THERE IS NO ROMANCE IN CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO’ and even went on to point out how even Pertwee said there was no romance. I tried to tell him (as nicely as possible) that that didn’t matter to me, as I don’t think interviews are canon, but yeah…he was REALLY distressed. I’m kinda glad I didn’t push how hard I ship Two/Jamie on him, as I think his head might’ve exploded.

    It was all a bit weird though, as I’d had so much time in my past in a more pro-shipping world (yes, LiveJournal for me as well), and so while there were definitely people who didn’t have the same ships as I did, or even rallied around my own NOTP/anti-ship (Ten/Rose for me), we all seemed to basically respect on another shipping and loads of us wrote fanfic around it. And I kinda forget sometimes the very-anti-shipping peeps in fandom.

    But yeah, I’m happy to have had that time on places like LiveJournal, because I think it’s a fun way to watch the show. Yes, it might be getting ‘icky girl cooties’ on everything (*eye roll*), but it’s adds a fun dimension to me.

    And yeah, I’m still just such a multi-shipper because of it.

    I mean, my fave is probably still Ten/Martha — which is soooo problematic, BUT I STILL LOVE THEM TOGETHER OK! — but I also love ships like Barbara/Ian, Barbara/One, Two/Jamie, Zoe/Isobel, Three/Liz, Three/Brig, Four/Romana, Five/Nyssa, Nyssa/Tegan, etc. And more recent ones like: Nine/Jabe, Ten/Reinette, Ten/Donna, Ten/Martha (as said before), Eleven/Amy, Twelve/Clara, River/Everyone, Thirteen/Yaz, etc.


  4. Nicole Mazza said:

    As for surprise ships, I would’ve never thought of shipping the Simm!Master with Martha, but I remember, years ago, this one fanfic writer — zauberer sirin? — writing a bunch of shippy fanfic with them (mostly spun off from the Master getting pwned by Martha at the end of TLofTL with the whole four-component gun fake-out…which, in the fic, kinda intrigued and turned the Master on) AND THEY WERE SOOOO GOOD. Like, that writer really sold that ship to me and for a while I was obsessed! LOL

  5. Nicole Mazza said:

    Oh, and finally (I promise I’ll stop commenting), regarding Tansy’s chat about women being treated badly in fanfic to get another couple together, it reminded me of the old ‘airlock’ fics that were coming out in the early days of New Who. I think that came out of the people being airlocked out into space in BSG as punishment — which was running concurrently to Who at the time — but yeah, the amount of ‘Let’s just airlock this character (usually female) out into space, because she’s c-blockling my ship!’ was terrible. 😦

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