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Happy birthday, Katy Manning! (It’s tomorrow as this ep drops.) Join Deb, Lynne, and Tansy as they bid a fond farewell to Jo Grant in “The Green Death”! We haven’t done a proper goodbye episode since our year of love and lasts!

How do you feel about this as a farewell story for Jo? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "The Green Death Becomes Her" (4)

  1. Danny Butler said:

    Time and the Rani is FANTASTIC! Pip and Jane Baker’s script and novelization are pure joy and a triumph of dialogue and language. There! YANA

  2. Lovely episode. =:o}
    The Green Death was the one story of that season that I *didn’t* have on audio cassette all though my teens and twenties, so I’m much less familiar with it than the others. Childhood memories from the first airing include the first victim of the green slime rushing to get to the surface in the lift as it’s taking hold – Lots of playground discussion about that! – And “Serendipity!”. =:o}. Oh, and Boss’s booming voice and big red oscilloscope. =:o}

    I had the Target book, of course, which I remember as one of the better written and fleshed-ot ones; Then finally UK Gold aired the story in the mid ’90s. I watched a few times over and was struck by the “grown up” handling of Jo’s romance and departure. It’s a co-write by Bob Sloman (credited) and Barry Letts (under the radar). of course, and by now they had their “real people, real conversations” style complete ly down.

    The thing about next season being a different relationship with UNIT, and that seeming connected with Jo not being around any more, hadn’t occured to me before, so thanks for that. Of course, behind the scenes it was also Barry Letts finally getting out of the shackles Derek Sherwin had put him in when setting up the Pertwee/colour era.

    I think I need to watch this story again, now… =:o}

  3. Bob Gallagher said:

    Just to follow up on your discussion of how The Doctor started to pull away from UNIT after Jo left: As part of the Masterful box set Big Finish released earlier this year, one of the stories is set between The Green Death and The Time Warrior — Trevor Baxendale’s “Terror of The Master.”

    As you noted, after Jo left The Doctor became more like a consultant. Part of the through-line of this story is The Brigadier’s sense that that is exactly what is happening, and his attempts to find *any* reason to keep him on Earth.

  4. Paul Hardy said:

    Weeelll…..yes I suppose Jo _might_ have brought two formal outfits with her in her case to South Wales;

    …or of course the resourceful Nancy might have run the frock up out of an old curtain 😉

    Loving this episode of the podcast, thanks folks

    Wakefield UK

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