Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

More new Doctor Who, and the Verities are thrilled! Join Deb, Kat, and Lynne as they discuss chapter two of “Flux”!  

How do you feel about how Flux is shaping up? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "The Crimean War of the Sontarans" (7)

  1. Re: the freaky Victorian house right at the beginning

    Wasn’t that the TARDIS? Like a dream/nightmare version? I thought that was the Doctor’s subconscious trying to tell her something about what is going wrong with the TARDIS. That house is suffering some sort of painful-looking distortion, and the TARDIS is clearly in distress, so the correlation seemed obvious to me…

  2. Sarah B said:

    I got my alt history! When I threw that into the Ask Verity Anything question pile, I never dreamed Chibs had already made me a history-gone wrong episode! still reeling from that part. 🙂

  3. I’m continuing to have great fun with those season, and I agree with Deb – it feels like Jodie is chewier material this time round with more opportunities to be Doctory, which I feel have been somewhat lacking for her so far.

    I also feel that our villains this time round have real a sense of menace to them, which is another welcome improvement over Chibnall’s first two seasons.

    I have no idea where it’s going, although I hope that we get some sort of answers to the whole mysterious pre-history of the Doctor ans the Time Lorsd, and I’m guessing that our villains are the key to that.

    Anyway, it’s a delight to be genuinely excited about New Who again! 😀

  4. Laura Kehler said:

    The Mouri, are they pre-weeping angels? Are they other Timeless Children looking for one who can regenerate to save them and thus save time? Is Swarm Omega? Or is the Passenger Omega? I just want more and more and more. Is it Sunday yet?

  5. I went into Flux with the only expectation that it be Doctor Who. I have not been disappointed. Oh my! This is Doctor Who and more. Swarm and Azure are amazing in their menace and the mystery surrounding them. From go, there has not been a wasted scene with either of them.

    How do you fight someone who wields ultimate power? Doctor out of their depth.

    Dan has turned into a pleasant surprise. Imagining the cosplayers at Gally & Chicago TARDIS now, all those woks.

    Somehow, the wrong clone batch was used and we got Stormtroopers instead of Sontarans. Stak a more ironic version of Lynx but kudos to Jonathan Watson. Good to see Dan Starkey play a Sontaran that isn’t a Strax clone (har har).

    Thanks, y’all. Love the podcast.

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