Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

And that brings Doctor Who: Flux to an end! Join Deb, Kat, and Liz as they discuss the final chapter of this series-long story!  

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Comments on: "Sisterhood of Kaarn, The Vanquishers" (11)

  1. Lisa Gilham-Luginbill said:

    Did we seriously talk through every character except for YAS?!?!?!! And the Doctor’s story was left to a few comments in final thoughts? What happened or did I black out and miss a whole middle section???

  2. Rebecca Rondomanski said:

    I liked the episode. I didn’t think it was great, but I liked it. I would have liked to have some explanation of why Azure was imprisoned differently than Swarm, and who was the guy that was her partner, why did Swarm kill him, what was the warning beacon that she smashed while still in humanoid form? A lot of stuff I liked but a ton of questions about why did they even squeeze this thing in. I love Doctor Who, and so plan on chalking this up to pandemic they did what they could at the time.

  3. Re: Claire’s Angel — Tecteun snagged it and pulled all the hidden knowledge from it and poured it into the fob watch. She said as much to the Doctor after she saw the Doctor had discovered the fob watch. So that thread did get resolved.

  4. Nicole Todd said:

    Did anyone have any additional thoughts on the interaction between the Doctor and the manifestation of Time that was in the Doctor’s own image? My first viewing of the episode ended with me being profoundly disturbed by this exchange mostly because my initial take was that the interaction was adversarial, a view that others seem to share. However, an adversarial relationship didn’t make much sense to me in the long run on multiple levels. It doesn’t really sit well that Time can be the foe of a time traveller.

    After a second viewing, I’ve come to terms with the fact that the dialogue between the Doctor and Time is deliberate enough to leave room for multiple interpretations, the interaction may not be adversarial, and we may have something else in play. What we may be seeing is actually be a meeting of contrasting forces that aren’t necessarily in opposition of each other but represent a balance of (among other things) timelessness, creation and life, and time, destruction and death. And, Time’s delivery of information to the Doctor could simply be matter of fact, not threatening if you consider the difference in Jodie’s acting to pull off the two different characters.

    This at least was my conclusion when other elements of the episode are considered. Specifically, we had the visual cue that Time is wearing a reverse colored coat and isn’t a mirrored image of the Doctor which reinforces a contrast. Paired with the earlier discussion between Azure and the Doctor about their differed philosophical outlooks and the comment from Swarm that the Doctor “is the Universe” and my perspective shifted to something that a graduate student is probably starting to mull over for a thesis paper. Of course, that’s the beauty of this sort of thing; we have what we have and what we haven’t must be left to our own imaginations.

  5. scooter27 said:

    This felt like a 100 piece puzzle missing 6 or 7 pieces; even though I get the big picture, I’m not satisfied with the gaps and empty spaces. Too many times I asked ‘what was the point’? I feel like Vinder and Bel will return in one of the specials, and we’re still getting the birth of The Timeless Child. If you’ve seen or heard the Big Finish ads for the new Kate Stewart and UNIT stories. I won’t be surprised if the Grand Serpent returns there, too good a villain to waste.

    I wish I saw some righteous anger or deep sadness from the Doctor over all the lost worlds and billions (trillions?) of deaths. This is a Doctor who was angry about a dying giant spider being shot. I know she suppresses a LOT, but what I’d love to see is some fierce, focused determination to reverse at least some of this damage, in some way.

  6. CritterKeeper said:

    I’m just chuffed to hear Liz use the word “antepenultimate” in casual conversation, and no one had to stop to ask what it meant or act like that’s a weird thing to do! It being a reference to one of my favorite Blake’s 7 episodes is just icing on the cake, or should that be gravy on the garbage plate? 😉

    I found one bit a little problematic, when the Doctor and co basically offered to supply drugs to a junkie, or booze to an alcoholic, to get what they wanted. Yes, given the circumstances it was kinda justified, but it still didn’t sit well.

    Missed seeing you guys at Chicago TARDIS, it’s just not the same without a Verity! panel! Were you there and I missed yoh because I had to work part of the weekend, or did you really miss the whole thing? You’d have loved the cosplay of Thirteen with angel wings!

  7. The finale of Flux was a bit of an anti-climax, but still, overall, Flux has been the best of the Chibnall era so far, in my opinion.

    I complained in the first Jodie season that there wasn’t enough going on, and there weren’t enough ideas. I certainly can’t say that about Flux! I do suspect that it might have been pieced together from a bunch of ideas that could have formed separate episodes/stories in a normal series, but if that’s the case, Chibnall did a fine job of weaving them all together as well as he did. I’m not sure if ‘coherent’ is the right word, but this has certainly been the most consistent of his Who series. Mind you, it probably helped that he only had six hours to work with? On the other hand, maybe the Covid restrictions were just what Chibnall needed to get his creative juices flowing in the right direction?

    Anyway, I enjoyed watching it and I look forward to watching it all again when the Blu-ray comes out in January. I might even give it all another spin on the iPlayer between now and then.

  8. JamesR said:

    For me The Grand Serpent could easily have been the Master, particularly the classic series Master. Having recently watched Season 8, the similarities are there. The Master often infiltrates an organisation to manipulate it for his own ends, his plans often don’t make sense if you think about them too much, his motives aren’t always clear, apart from seeking power and/or chaos, and yet all of this is somehow saved by having a really good actor in the part (eg Delgado).

    • JamesR said:

      And for the Master’s obsession/rivalry with the Doctor, see The Grand Serpent’s strange hatred for Kate Stewart.

  9. I was so disappointed at the deus ex machina (personification of time?) cheat used at the end to save the Doctor. It’s the Doctor! She can and always does save herself.

  10. For me there was an excellent story hiding in a pile of extraneous plots and noise that no one needed.

    The great idea was the tunnels – one tunnel adventure each week with the sixth resolving the dramatic reason for the tunnels and rescuing future timelines.
    Picking up Jericho on the way, seeing Bel and Vinder for 1 or 2 eps only and their tale is done. Fight Sontarans 1 ep, escape the angels etc.
    No overblown melodrama – no timeless child, no division, no great serpent in unit, no day of the dead mask people unless they’re Rutans or the only baddies instead of the angels.

    I so miss the day when the Doctor spoke sensibly, like an adult who hadn’t just drunk 15 coffees in 15 minutes. Like Jericho, who stole the series and for me is the best character in the whole Whittaker era

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