Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Happy 2022, everyone! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, Lynne, and Tansy as we discuss this year’s “festive” episode about time loops, our TARDIS team, catching feelings, creepy stalkerish behaviour, and Daleks! 

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Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "New Year’s Eve of the Daleks" (10)

  1. Rebecca Rondomanski said:

    I really enjoyed everyone’s take on this episode. Several “I completely agree!” moments. And the main reason I wanted to comment- I want to let Lynne know that I actually teared up with her opinions on Yaz and the doctor’s relationship/friendship especially the description of the queer community and how relationships unfold when it isn’t always safe to just “be”. I cannot tell you enough how much it meant to me to hear such a frank discussion of it. BRAVO!!! And thank you.

  2. James Smedley-Goodfellow said:

    Y’all had very good points about how Thasmin should be resolved. But I come from Supercorp fandom where we had smoke blown up our noses for years about the nature of the relationship between Supergirl and Lena Luthor. On top of that, I’m a 62-year-old lesbian who’s seen a lot of “what me gay?” storylines. I’m tired of getting queerbaited. I want the goods with Thasmin! And yes, I know it will be painful, but it will be worth it for a truly queer Doctor. It doesn’t have to be snogging on the TARDIS console. I think the Doctor has grown emotionally where she can tell Yaz that she has feelings for her but “yeah, I’m gonna die soon so I can’t do that to you.” She wouldn’t string her along the way the 10th Doctor would.

    Also, I wonder if Chibs had Yaz age up during the wandering years with Dan because it would be kind of gross if the Doctor were messing around with a 19-year-old kid. I mean, if Yaz is in her mid-20s, that’s a LITTLE closer to 2000 years or whatever age we’re calling the Doctor these days.

    • Critter Keeper said:

      Don’t forget, Dan and Yaz spent four years traveling in the 1900s! Plus probably at least a couple of years with the Doctor, Graham and Ryan, possibly more. So yes, if Yaz was 19 at the start, she must be at least 25 by now. Ship away! 🙂

  3. scooter27 said:

    So, while the THASMIN stuff is okay, I’m more concerned by what will that last special look like. We STILL have to find out what happened to most of the rest of the universe, I can’t believe Vindar and company won’t return (I wonder if we’ll get a birth/death scene), there’s The Master, The Grand Serpent (don’t feel they’re the same), The Jo Martin Doctor, too much!

    With so much to do, I think the best any Yaz and the Doctor relationship can have is, there’s something that is resolved by the end of the next special, and the space between that and the start of the last special are the ‘happy times’. Like Tansy was saying, this Doctor can’t stick around for long!

  4. Nicole Mazza said:

    You know, as a long time fan of the show (classic and new series), I totally get someone falling in love with the Doctor in general, but I honestly don’t get Yaz’s feelings for Thirteen — especially considering the way the Doctor snaps angrily at her all the time and blocks her out emotionally.

    I mean, on one hand, I really want to love them together, but to me they just feel like an unrequited and, frankly, abusive dynamic much of the time and so it’s hard for me to root for them at the end of the day. 🙁

    P.S. This is coming not only from a queer person sick of possible queer-baiting and a hardcore Martha fan who’s worried about another POC getting shafted by unrequited love on our show.

  5. Icon_UK said:

    I got the impression that Dan only told the Doctor because he knew full well that the Doctor was aware of Yaz’s feelings and was choosing to ignore them.

    I even got there was a cautious element of “That’s my mate you’re messing up, do something about it for her sake, if not your own.”

    If he genuinely thought the Doctor was oblivious, I don’t think he’d have mentioned it the way he did.

  6. I loved this special for so many things, but I couldn’t agree more about the mistakes they made with the character of Nick. As a shy guy who “never got the girl” myself (and has these given up trying), I’m a bit sensitive to glib portrayals of who it “can” work out; But I’ve also had to be educated over the years by some very understanding female friends about elements of my behaviour that put women off *with good reason*.

    So seeing the obvious rom-com set-up (and don’t get me wrong, I *love* a good rom-com!), I was tearing my hair out at all the obvious warning signs Nick was radiating in the early part of the episode, from the moment when he actually does that wide-eyed creepazoid stare, to the absurdity of renting a *huge* storage room like that when he only needs a few feet of shelf-space (given that it’s implied elsewhere he’s on a low income… Or is “Elf Storage” just ridiculously under-priced? Or it does just not have any smaller rooms?)… to even the idea that, given the signs, he actually gets enough *dates* to have that many “exes”! (What’s your secret, Nick? 30-years-ago-me desperately wants to know! =:o} ). (Now, I could well believe he had that many *unrequited crushes*, and had somehow ended up owning things that they didn’t come back for after he’d confessed his feelings, and then either they drew away or he couldn’t face the awkwardness of hanging out with them as “just friends”…)

    OK, 90% of the above is probably just projection, but it made some parts of the ep frustrating and uncomfortable watching. It certainly could have been fixed with some teaks to the script and different direction. And I confess I did hoot at the eventual pay-off pun, “Ex… Terminated!”. =:o} … But that same pun would have made just as much sense if Nic’s room was full of stuff left behind by *one* ex-girlfriend from, say, a whole decade ago. (Heck, even *I’ve* managed to clock-up *one* ex-girfriend! =:o] )

    OK… therapy session over. As you were. =:o}

  7. Oh, things I loved:

    5. The Thasmin progression, from hints to out-there-on-the-table (it’s been earned!), and Dan’s contribution there;

    4. The innovations on the basic “Groundhog Day” concept. It’s not just one or two people in the loop who are aware of it and trying to resolve it to their satisfaction, but *everyone*, including the Daleks! And the loop isn’t broken by “getting the right result” (a metaphysical trigger), but by it simply shrinking until it inevitably pops (a physical/”sciencey” trigger).

    3. Aisling Bea.

    2. Aisling Bea!

    1. *AISLING BEA*!!!


  8. Firstly, I want to agree with every bit of what Icon_UK already said, but I also think that there is more to it.
    I think Dan has a hunch that Doctor is not only aware of Yaz’s feelings towards her but that she is not going to reciprocate. But ever-the-romantic Dan is going to nudge Yaz towards taking a shot anyway. Cuz life is short, yo.
    But Dan is also clever.
    And Dan sees that Doctor is most likely going to let Yaz down. And if the Doctor isn’t already thinking along those lines, she is NOT likely to be kind in how she does it. She will respond in one of her two usual ways: a) avoidance (always her go-to method), or b) blurting everything out in an awkward rush. But this is Yaz’s heart we’re talking about. So the Doctor needs to be more mindful about how she says those words than anything she has ever said before. And I think Dan gets that.
    So I think what Dan was actually saying to the Doctor through all of the subtext of that scene was, “Hey, Yaz is going to ask you. Be ready. And be KIND.”

    Oh, and I should address Nick’s CREEPY store room of… trophies? I don’t think it was intended to be that… terrifying. I think the writer was thinking more of an 10 foot by 10 foot storage room. You know… like a standard storage space.
    And then the set team just went INSANE.
    So then the crew gets to the set, they looked at this last-scene-of-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark-sized space, and they were all, “Oh no. This looks bad. This looks REALLY bad.”
    And then I think either Chibnall, one of crew, or maybe even Mandip Gill herself came up with that brilliant line to address the “EW” of it all.

  9. Critter Keeper said:

    I had a vision earlier today of the Doctor, trying to figure out what to say to Yaz, sighing and remarking, “River said she would find a way to kick my ass from beyond the grave, if I didn’t actually *tell* the other person the next time I realized I’d fallen in love.”

    It would be such a sweet call-back, to everything from River’s “loving the stars themselves” speech, to Twelve finally showing River how he felt, to Nardole’s being authorized to kick the Doctor’s ass. It would give an opening to explain she’d been married before, giving her a way to ease into sharing her past, and most importantly, it would make the Doctor tell Yaz she reciprocates! This Doctor is so private, you know she’s going to have a hard time saying anything, but a promise to River Song would be believably strong enough motivation.

    If you don’t want a romantic relationship between them, you can change it to “…if I didn’t talk things over the next time I realized someone had fallen in love with me.” Not nearly as nice, not as much growth on the Doctor’s part, but still calls back to River and opens up a conversation.

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