Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Welcome to Verity!’s 9th Year! Join Deb, Kat, Liz, and Lynne as they announce the discussion theme for 2022. They may not be able to agree on the theme’s title, but everyone agrees this is going to be tons of fun taking a deep dive into classic Who references in the modern Who era.

And you can join in! Drop all those classic Who references, Easter eggs, and fan service nods from the modern era in the comments, and we’ll add them to our list.

Once again, thanks for joining us on this adventure – we can’t wait to get started!


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Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Extra! – 2022: Reference Materialization" (29)

  1. Michelle212 said:

    2022: Time Links

  2. Doug Adams said:

    As someone who got into Who with the modern show and is now watch classic Who, I love this idea! When I watch classic who I call it “reverse Easter egg hunting”. It’s some much fun to come across something from Tom Baker and be like, oh, now I see what (insert modern Doctor’s name here) was talking about.

    • As a Modern Who fan I do the exact same thing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a Classic Who story and wondered just how many times RTD watched the ep on VCR because the throughlines were glaring.

  3. Christian Smith said:

    I hope we get a Verity Confidential episode on Night of the Doctor and the importance of the names that Eight speaks. I know you don’t do BF much. But I’d love a squee-out on those.

    Also. If there is any way to talk about Benny Summerfield for an episode. I’d adore that

  4. mptskies said:

    Picking up on Lyn’s comment, ‘2022: The Happy Things Patrol’

  5. 2022: The Reference Section

  6. scooter27 said:

    I’m voting for Verity Confidential. I heard Jodie Whitaker “stole” a toy Cyberman as a souvenir; I’d love a deep dive on the Master’s Tissue Compressor! From the guard in The Deadly Assassin to Teagan’s poor Auntie Vanessa, what a perfectly evil weapon for an archenemy to use!

  7. Clive said:

    I’ve got an idea for your brilliant year of connections theme, talk about the actors who CONNECT the Dr Who universe with the Harry Potter universe?
    There are lots and not necessarily the ones that are obvious

  8. Connections is a fine name, just stick with that.

  9. Laura Kehler said:

    As someone who is not very observant, but yet has still seen every episode from Empty Child to Eve of the Daleks, I am very interested in your list. I am usually a watch in order type of person instead of picking and choosing, as I never know where to go. I’m looking forward to watching the episodes before I listen to your podcast, to see if I can catch the references.

    My vote is for Verity Connections, as you are connecting Classic to Modern.

    • Laura Kehler said:

      OOOPS, I meant to say Unearthly Child to Even of the Daleks. My brain is mush today.

  10. Here to vote for Verity! Confidential haha.

    And to share a connection which made me squee – the Great Intelligence. I also came to Doctor Who in 2005 and am now discovering Classic Who, while introducing my SO to modern Who: between my first watch of The Snowmen and rewatching with SO I had acquired The Web of Fear DVD so I suddenly understood the line about the London Underground!

  11. Nicolette said:

    Thank you!! Long time listener, but only a modern era watcher, I would love to know those connections! Looking forward to the learning.

  12. Karen D said:

    The theme that came to my mind immediately was——-Connect the Docs.

    For those of us who grew up watching episodes of Classic Who, we may be just as much in the dark on some of the connections to New Who as those the more recent viewer.

    Long time listener first time to reply.

  13. Icon_UK said:

    I’d suggest “Fluid Links”, but I understand Radio Free Skaro beat me to that one.

    Since it’s about how things keep looping back, how about “Time Loops”

  14. John R said:

    My immediate thoughts were “Web of Who”, “Thread to the known Whoniverse”, or “Deja Who”. By I do like Karen D’s suggestion of “Connect the Docs”.

  15. Love all of these! The first thing that popped into my mind when listening was a year of Legacy and Lore

  16. Trevor S said:

    How about simply calling the season “Reference Acknowledged”? 🙂

  17. cloogle said:

    2022: Degrees of Separation? Degrees of Sep-who-ration. Sorry terrible pun! 😅

  18. I freaking love this theme for the year. Reference Acknowledged is a pretty solid option. I would love for you to do a “Jodi is an an amazing actor” episode. It feels like fandom focused so much on Chibnall and his writing and show running that the Jodi love gets missed. For reference acknowledged how about Unit, connecting Kate’s story now with her father. Cramming in my #AVA ask verity anything: draft a hockey team using Doctors what positions would be for what Doctors due to their personalities or traits or quirks. I would draft 12 as a forward because of his attack eyebrows. Or draft a team using Companions.

  19. What might also be cool is a dangling threads episode. Classic series characters and ideas that haven’t made the leap to the 21st century, and speculation as to why. So the Celestial Toymaker is obviously racist – but could it be salvaged (should it?). That one’s just an example not a request!

    Bonus points for anything that Big Finish hasn’t touched on (yet).

  20. I’ve been watching Doctor Who since 1973, so I’m with Liz on this – New Who is still very much NEW Who to me! 😀

    I think this is a great idea for 2022, not least because it will give Deb an excuse to watch more classic Who than she’s seen before – I will be particularly keen to hear her views on some early 70s Who, my own favourite era of the show (a large part of the reason for my lifelong love of horror, I’m sure).

  21. Sorry, I can’t think of a brilliant idea for a title. The only thing that springs to mind is ‘Referency-Weferency’, but it hardly trips off the tongue!

    As for possible topics, I’d love to hear the Verities talk about the Zygons – a classic monster that has now had more outings in New Who than it had in the classic show, but Terror of the Zygons has been a fave of mine since I first saw it on original broadcast in 1975! As far as I recall, it’s not one you’ve covered before, but I could be wrong about that. Check the spreadsheet! 😀

  22. DigificWriter said:

    You guys * have* to cover (or revisit)The Brain of Morbius because of Chibnall linking that story to the Doctor’s new origin as the Timeless Child.

  23. Todd Viola said:

    I’m late to this thread because I’m still weeks behind on my podcast queue. If you are still collecting old Who references, my absolute favorite was in Spyfall 2, when the Doctor mentions Jodrell Bank, and the Master asks, “Did I ever apologise for that?” Extra cool in that it recalls an event that led to a regeneration.

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