Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

More Daleks? Of course! Join Deb, Kat, Lynne, and Tansy as they cover a bunch more of the history of the Doctor vs their oldest enemy race.

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Comments on: "Completion of the Daleks" (7)

  1. scooter27 said:

    As an American, my earliest memories of Dr. Who and Daleks are the Peter Cushing films! Before the I could see the actual show, these movies were already in syndication, and my introduction to the characters! The ideas of the TARDIS being bigger on the inside and the high pitched “Ex-Ter-Min-Ate” were unforgettable! I forget which one it was (I think the 2nd) has the Best ‘first time in the TARDIS’ moments ever! A crime is committed, a cop tries chasing down the crook, runs into a police box . . . but it’s Not!! I still hope that one day the show uses that to bring in a new cop companion! They had a chance with Yaz, oh well.

  2. Terrence Keenan said:

    Really enjoyed the episode. Graeme Burke would agree on your take on Genesis.
    I happen to really enjoy Genesis, but only because the daleks themselves are minimally involved and when they are, they are effective as a threat for one of the few times in the long run of the show. A couple of other points of interest : the Dalek Factions we see in Remembrance actually starts in Resurrection and followed through in Revelation. Also Andrew Cartmel allowed the destruction of Skaro and both Dalek factions because his plan was to retire then from the show. Silver Nemesis was to do the same for the Cybermen.
    As always, the show is brilliant. And I love that your views challenge the orthodoxy. Don’t ever change in that aspect.

  3. Eric Gjovaag said:

    A couple of thoughts:
    * I still think “Genesis of the Daleks” is essential viewing to understand the Daleks, Davros, the Doctor’s relationship to both, and (as it turns out) the beginnings of the Time War. However, there is a shorter version available now, that being the abbreviated 85-minute omnibus movie version, on the Season 12 (or Tom Baker Season 1) blu-ray set. That may be a more palatable way to consume the story for those who are not fans of “Genesis”.
    * Another genre show of the ’60s beat “Thunderbirds” to having the first crossover with the Daleks, although I’m sure this was not deliberate. “Death at Bargain Prices” is a 1965 episode of “The Avengers”. Emma Peel is working undercover in a department store, where Dalek toys can be seen for sale in the toy section.

  4. “I am not the biggest Dalek fan…”

    Deb. Please just stop it. You hate them. And you won’t stop complaining about how much you hate them. You’re not shy about it. You are very, very clear about your feelings. And frankly I think we’ve reached the point where you should excuse yourself from any Verity episode in which the Daleks are the subject.

    To be fair, I am a big fan of the Daleks, and listening to you constantly trash them is kinda hurtful.

    But listening to a Verity episode about Daleks has become a drinking game. “Take a shot every time Deb says something negative about the Daleks as a general concept.” Twenty minutes in, and everyone is calling an Uber to get home.

    • You’ve got it backward — YOU should stop listening to any ep WE do about the Daleks. Verity! is a podcast where we express our feelings (good or bad) about whatever the topic is. Sometimes we hate stuff. We’re people. We’re not gonna tailor our podcast toward anything but the whims and desires of the hosts. Twas ever thus, so shall it ever be.

      • Fair enough. I’ll just skip those episodes then. It’s a real bummer though because in literally every other episode of Verity ever, Deb is always so thoughtful and insightful. I guess I’ve just found my limit of vitriol.

  5. Like Deb and Kat I’m not a huge Dalek fan – if the story they’re in is good I’m happy. And my favourite kind of Dalek story is one where there’s a trick or a trap or a puzzle that has to be solved while also dealing with murderous Daleks. Cunning Daleks are more interesting to me than swarms of the things killing everything.

    This is why the core idea of Eve of the Daleks worked so well for me – even if the Daleks themselves hadn’t set this trap, the Doctor and the humans were rushing the solve the puzzle before their time was up.

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