Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

New Doctor Who, finally! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Tansy as we discuss another “special”. But how special is it really? 

How do you feel about “Legend of the Sea Devils”? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Legend of the Sea Devils End" (12)

  1. Great discussion!

    The campaign to release the Director’s Cut starts here.

  2. Trevor S. said:

    Deb, I totally get and agree with your complaints here, but… “We never know whether men have children.” 😉

  3. scooter27 said:

    Part 1 – I was surprised at the criticism towards this story, but I agree!! It felt like it should have been epic, you have a pirate queen who had her own fleet! Instead we get 2 ships, little to no crews. I wanted the sea monster, which was awesome, to do more than show up twice and that was it. I understand about covid restrictions, but be creative!

    Part 2 – I was not a fan of Thasmin, but it was resolved well. To be honest, I prefer Thasmin to Rose and the 10th Doctor. At least Yaz is a mature, adult woman, not a teen! I am a Yaz fan, and I agree with Tansy on how this all played out. Why can’t women just be Best Friends and one is gay? I was also hoping, since this would be the last story where she could really shine, that Yaz had more to do!

    Part 3 – I think most people are more excited by that trailer than anything else! I’m ashamed that the first 2 times I watched, I didn’t recognize Tegan! I was a teen when she was on the show; back then Dr. Who was a weekly, and she was on several covers. I crushed on her so much!! Now it’s nearly 40 years later, and . . . I’m old!!! LOL! I just want her and Ace to blow stuff up, with at least one cannister of nitro-9!

  4. Nicole Mazza said:

    FWIW, I think the direct download link is to the NYE episode and not the Sea Devils one. Or maybe my computer is being weird?

    • Icon_UK said:

      Nope, that’s what I get too, so thank you for the warning.

      The play on site is the episode 487, the right one, the direct download is episode 471.

      Luckily my browser can download the file from the play on site! 🙂

      • Oy! Yesterday was a day filled with mistakes! (Both on my end and on the libsyn side) Thank you for pointing this out! Should be fixed now.

  5. Icon_UK said:

    I find myself in general agreement with many of the points raised. Looked great and sorely needed a script. A celebrity historical which sidelines the celebrity, especially to give more room for a fictitous pirate king, seems to be missing the point.

    The lack of a crew on ANY ship was… unfortunate (And again, wasted possiblities her having jury rigged something together would have been even MORE grounds for the Doctor to fangirl a bit as she saw the ropes and pulleys required to keep a ship that size in motion with only one person)

    I also find myself uncomfortable with the casual murderousness of the Dan in particular.

    The old ship being repurposed didn’t occur to me, perhaps because if it was, I’d have hoped that as skilled a sailor as Madam Ching was might have noted how dated the design of the ship was (thus seeding a hint about it’s origins).

    And it seems that the TARDIS crew reacts to it’s appearance as the flying shipe twice, and both times seem to be seeing it for the first time, which felt odd.

    I’m not sure I felt that 13 and Yasmin’s conversations closed any doors re Doctor/Companion relationships (Which I am decidedly not a fan of for relationship power imbalance reasons) which hadn’t long since been confirmed by 10 and Rose.

    In “The Death of the Doctor” Sarah Jane mentions that she’s idly searched for other companions online out of curiosity, but she never mentions contacting any of them. So all the names she mentions seem to be educated guesses (apart from Harry, obviously).

    Luckily “Farewell, Sarah Jane” the RTD penned lockdown video seems to indicate she did eventually get in touch with many of them, including Ace (who mentions an unseen advenure she had with Sarah Jane), Tegan (who is there with Nyssa, somehow), Ben and Polly, Dodo, Jo, Grace Holloway, Captain Jack and, of course, Ian and Barbara as they all show up for Sarah’s funeral (And I can’t play much more of that without being reduced to a sobbing wreck, so if there are others later on you’re on your own, sorry)

    I’m excited by the next time trailer, but I was excited by the “Legend of the Sea Devils” trailer too, so hoping this lives up to the hype a bit more.

  6. Squibby said:

    This story is sadly representative of the problems current Doctor Who has in its writing. It’s very much a bunch of ‘this would be cool’ scenes chucked together and labelled as a story with a plot. Such a waste of an interesting historical character.

    Covid is often being used as an excuse for not writing a good story. For a comparison, most early classic Dr Who with it small casts passes the covid story test. The amazing Horror of Fang Rock passes the covid filming test, as does Brain of Morbius, the Three Doctors, the Ark in Space, Terror of the Zygons, etc ,etc, etc. In modern Doctor Who the first season story Dalek, the story Midnight, Flatline, just about any story with one or two guest characters and of course the Doctor alone.

    And if writing and filming in covid is so hard then how come there is strongly written other BBC drama succeeding?

    Yaz has been made into a whining character with little self determination in this story in the same way Martha was devalued in the end of her season by being pushed into the clingy woman trope. So sad that the Doctor and Yaz couldn’t just be best buddies with a deep friendship

  7. Paul Hardy said:

    Honestly, I’m afraid I’m not excited to see Sophie and Janet in the trailer; since the Sea Devils were brought back simply because they’re a popular monster from Classic Who but didn’t have anything interesting done with them in this episode, I can see Ace & Tegan suffering the same fate. That bar scene with the two of them plus Kate Stewart would be great — but it’ll never happen.

  8. As someone who has wanted to watch classic Who, but has never really found the time (I’m still working my way through the First Doctor era!), I wonder if you could recommend two or three essential stories to introduce someone to both Tegan and Ace? This would also make a great podcast episode, but I’m sure you wouldn’t have time to squeeze it in. I’d really appreciate whatever advice anyone could give me!

    • Deborah Stanish said:

      We’ve scheduled an upcoming episode on this very topic! We’re covered a lot of Tegan and Ace’s era’s but we’re going to pick a few out a few stories that we feel are representative of their characters as a sort of primer for fans who may not want to do a deep dive.

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