Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

We thought there might be some Big Doctor Who News the week we recorded this, but nope! So join Deb, Erika, and Kat as we answer listener questions – and some questions of our own! That’s right, it’s another edition of Ask Verity! Anything!

Do you have questions for a future AVA? Let us know in the comments!


Head Over Feels recap of “Legend of the Sea Devils”
Finding Eurovision on Start the Music (Kat’s podcast project)
Beginner’s Puck (Deb & Erika talk hockey)
Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Extra! – AVA – The No News Edition" (7)

  1. Michele Cunkelman said:

    The one thing I love about you ladies that you have grown up conversations about the show. And you treat everyone with kindness even if you disagree with them. Do I think Jodie’s era was mishandled, not sure, but I did notice that alot of her episodes were shorter. I thought she did awesome, could chipnell answered more of the questions yes.

    I wonder if he was leaving some of it open ended for other show runners, in case they wanted to change things or add something.

    I do know I look forward to more of your podcasts. 🙂 And I do look forward to new doctor who content. I just wish there was more books coming out.

    Ok a question, if you ladies could travel in the tardis which doctor and which companions would you pick to travel with.

  2. Any chance y’all will give us your hot take on Doctor Who: Redacted? (New Who has been coming out for weeks!) it’s kind of been amazing so far. Great writing and rich, complex characters!

  3. You just know that any oven or cooker in the Tardis is going to be full of the charred bits of whatever the Doctor was cooking last and forgot about. If you could get an oven into the Zero Room, though, it might be perfect for soufflés…

    Question for a future episode! Which showrunners and writers do you feel are kindest to their characters? Which are the cruelest? When is it the “good” kind of heartbreak for you as opposed to just horrible?

  4. Andrew Bryan said:

    Here is an AVA for a future episode:
    Do you think (hope?) RTD will be brave/secure enough to pull off a pure historical episode in his new era of the show?

  5. Saralyn Findlay said:

    AVA future question : What Doctor would you sub in for Matt Smith in the episode about the doll house with scary antique dolls?

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