Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Time for more wishing! Join Deb, Kat, and Tansy as they talk about some classic villains and monsters that haven’t yet appeared in modern Who, but should!

Which baddies would you bring back? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "Extra! – Bring Back These Baddies" (4)

  1. michele said:

    The Rani and the Monk would be interesting to see.

  2. Icon_UK said:

    I’m very pleased that the Draconians were the first to be picked as they would be high on my list for the same reason, they just LOOKED so cool! 🙂

    Though anything which calls itself “Empire” may have issues with what that actually means to it’s vassal planets (Can an “Empire” ever be ethical? Discuss. 15pts. show your working 😉 )

    I think I would be a little ambivalent on the Black Guardian’s return “as is”, since I never felt I had any idea of what the BG’s purpose ever actually were. Ditto for the White Guardian, who also threatened the Doctor when they first met, which is hardly a ringing endorsement of HIS custodianship. There’s material there certainly but I think we’d need quite a lot of added purpose.

    I do like the idea of a genderflipped Rani, but since that would make them “The Rajah”, there might be concerns that a white guy playing the role would be a bad idea. (And yes I know that Kate O’Mara was hardly of Indian/Southeast Asian descent, but we’ve moved on a bit in over thirty years).

    I’d also want to keep what made the Rani such an interesting addition to the series. That she is genuinely _irritated_ by the Doctor AND the Master. Her complete amorality made a lovely comparison to them both, she’s not in it to help, or to conquer, she’s in it for the science. So I never felt she bantered with the Doctor, there was just and endlessly inventive series of put downs and dismissal’s and that was FUN!

    Loving the Rufus Hound take on the Monk as I do, I keep meaning to try the Graeme Garden episodes a try, so thank you kindly for the reminder! (and as for a genderflipped Monk, well I’m not sure how much I should say, but…)

    As for other villains I’d like to see return… I’d definitely want the Rutan’s to show up so we can see how the OTHER side of the Sontaran/Rutan war is fought. (Oooh, how about a story where the Doctor has to deal with a troop of Sontarans, only to find that they’re actually Rutan’s shapeshifted into Sontarans!)

    I would like another story set on Kaldor, for the robot aesthetic alone.

    Oh, and a Morbius story set before his defeat could be interesting, maybe a case for the Fugitive Doctor from their time with Division.

  3. saxon_brenton said:

    I imagine most hardcore fans have ideas for the return of many of those baddies, and all wildly differing. To take one simple example, I want a story which is ‘Romeo and Juliet starring Draconians’. No big space opera politics, just a small soap opera set on another planet in an alien society, as a reaction against Russel T Davies’ quip about people not caring about the Zog people from planet Zog. Just to prove that this is type of story that works and should be returned to the Dr Who storytelling toolbox.

  4. Icon_UK said:

    One ofther comment intrigued me, that RTD tended to make mothers the villains.

    I mean, I agree he definitely makes Jackie Tyler, Francine Jones and Sylvia Noble antagonistic, but not villainous.

    I may well be wrong, but I’d have thought that was a Moffatt “thing”, from RTD I remember him being more likely to have an abusive father/father figure as a plot point.

    The Empty Child has a couple of the Nancy’s group saying the ominous “There was a man” when they were evacuated outside London, and we draw our own conclusions.
    The Idiot Lantern has the bullying Mr Connolly
    The Satan Pit has it being Ida’s dark secret, that she’s running from an abusive father.
    Fear Her is all about a young girl terrified of her absuive father

    And those are the one’s I remember off the top of my head.

    But I freely admit it’s entirely possible that, being a chap, I’m just not seeing the depiction in the right light.

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