Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

The Clan Stewart

We continue to delve into the origins of nifty things from modern Doctor Who. Join Erika, Lynne, and Tansy for this chat about Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, his daughter, and (briefly) his ancestor.

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The Grey Man of the Mountain by Lizbeth Myles
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Comments on: "The Clan Stewart" (3)

  1. I loved this discussion. I was a constantly hoping, though, during the section on Kate, that we would hear something more about her *real* origins as a character… (I’m gonna get spoiler here, because i really have to to make my point.)

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    When we meet Kate (played by Beverley Cressman) in those unofficial fan-written spin-off videos, she’s actually *estranged* from her father, and trying to protect her young son, Gordy (short for Gordon, of course), from any further fallout from his grandfather’s career. (Source: “Downtime”, written by Marc Platt. Originally a video release, but later expanded to a novel.) If only the show would touch (however obliquely) on those past tensions between Alistair and Kate, rather than just sunnily presenting her as the model daughter of a role-model father, it would give Jemma Redgrave much more to get her teeth into!

    And.. where is Gordy now? He’s presumably an independent adult off doing his own thing, thanks to his mother’s efforts (otherwise, where is her grief for him? I *don’t* think we actually want to go there…). And maybe she never mentions him, precisely to continue allowing him that (relatively) safe, independent life…? What would happen if a standard Doctor-Kate “buddy movie” episode got halfway through, and suddenly there in the middle of it, a face appears and Kate is stunned: “Gordy!”. Oh, the feels…! “I’ve tried all these years to keep him out of this life, and now…”.

    “Downtime” is a bit of a dog’s-breakfast of a story, what with all the guest stars they (belatedly!) crammed into it, but well worth a visit for it’s part as a stepping-stone to the modern series.

    Kate (Mk I)’s other appearances are:
    – “Daemos Rising” – which I find unmemorable (but then, this is me: Sometimes I find own name unmemorable! =;o} ), except for a general impression of Kate carefully snooping around in some spooky old building (?);
    – “Anomaly”, which I’ve not seen (and I’m not even sure it’s actually been released yet! Must check into that…).

    • I think when it comes to Verity! you’re mostly gonna get what you got: a mere mention of any non-televised work we haven’t read/seen/heard so people can go track it down if they’re moved to do so. We count on enthusiastic folks like you, who *have* read the books to fill in those gaps!

    • Icon_UK said:

      In Death in Heaven, Kate introduces herself to Missy and the Cybermen as: “Kate Stewart. Divorcee, mother of two, keen gardener, outstanding bridge player. Also Chief Scientific Officer, Unified Intelligence Taskforce, who currently have you surrounded.”

      So this version of her has more than just Gordy (or possibly two other kids and no Gordy, though I’d like to think he is around)

      As for why she doesn’t mention Gordy on screen, well.. why should she? The Brigadier never mentioned her in any of his appearances (even those where she must have been born by the time of) and she’s never seemed to sort of person to be sentimental when working, her kids are her private life, not her working life. (Even the “Mother of two” bit above seems a little “off”)

      The fact she didn’t mention them when her house was blown up in “Flux” suggests neither were living at home with her, or else her poker face and emotional control are even more terrifying that I might have assumed.

      Also, Kate has had a long string of appearances in the Big Finish “UNIT” series, but again, anciliary media. 🙂

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