Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

There will always be more Daleks eventually, so the Verities talk about another one of their previous outings. Join Deb, Kat, and Tansy as they discuss one of the many “R” of the Daleks stories!

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Comments on: "Alien Resurrection of the Daleks" (3)

  1. scooter27 said:

    Hello! It’s funny, I love this story, but I always forget which “R- – – – of the Daleks” this is. Don’t have that problem with “Remembrance . . .”, which I love a little more. Watching these stories when they first were broadcast, you had years since the last Dalek story, so this was an Event! “Destiny . . .” had lots of fun points (unexpected return of Davros, iconic Romana costume), but it felt sort of light. THIS has so many deaths! Tegan was leaving, but the whole time, you wondered if she was going to survive! When she did stomp off, it felt like she was ‘breaking up’ with the Doctor, and I felt that kind of sadness. Also, I was waiting and waiting for Lytton to ‘get his’, but he and his men walk off unharmed! It was a very strange feeling.

    I should also point out that in the 80’s, if it wasn’t “grim and gritty”, it almost didn’t count! I’m speaking for a large subculture in that time that wanted it’s music, movies, comics, and attitudes dark. Eric Saward gets too much blame, when this is what ‘we’ wanted! And it’s why (for people like me) “The Caves of Androzani” is a Top 5 Dr. Who story, ‘Grim and Gritty’ was an era.

  2. I remember enjoying this on first transmission, probably because I was very excited about the Daleks being back. And also because, yes, I was a 14 year old boy at the time and so I loved seeing lots of violent deaths on telly!

    So whenever I go back to it on DVD these days, I go in expecting to enjoy it more than I ever do. On the whole, I tend to find it quite confusing, glum and in the end, a bit depressing. I can cope with many different flavours of Who, but depressing Who I can live without!

    I think it’s a good observation that Eric Saward seems to have little time for th Doctor or the companions. I think he would rather have been writing a series about the adventures of Lytton. Actually, it occurs to me that he’d probably have rather been writing for Blake’s 7!

  3. Ah, fond memories. This story inspired my first fanfic! It was a slight reworking of Tegan’s final scene, looking behind her eyes as she committed herself to the decision that (in my version) she and Turlogh had obliquely talked around (but never spelled out) during various times they were stuck together, sans Doctor.

    A while later I wrote a sequel where the Doctor, in a rare occasion of needing to sleep that night, s troubled by guilty dreams mixed with “near-future memories”, realising that he has become a magnet for trouble, and wrestling with the idea of becoming more proactive in preventing massacres like the one that drove Tegan away.

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