Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

NEW. DOCTOR. WHO. FINALLY. Join Deb, Erika, Katrina, and Tansy as we flail over our feels after this intensely feel-fueled BBC Centenary special, which just happens to be the final episode of an amazing Doctor that we’re all going to miss.

How did you feel about “The Power of the Doctor”? Did you need Pepto Bismol? Or were you annoyed/confused by all the fan service? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


Extra-special thanks to this week’s editor, Steven Schapansky of Castria!
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Comments on: "I’ve Got The Power of the Doctor" (8)

  1. Thank you all for giving me what I needed on this episode. I have listened to a few other podcasts with comments and they just didn’t hit my boxes, but boy did you. As a self professed Classic Who Geek, this episode ticked all my boxes. I deliberately stayed away from spoilers, and I was a puddle of tears so often. I watched this with a couple of friends, who have only seen the newer seasons, and while they didn’t have the same reactions as I did, they do know about Classic Who, and all the doctors, and were well aware of the feels this brought. They too enjoyed. I admit to watching again on my own without anyone else in the room, and I was an even bigger mess. Even knowing what was coming, I cried more the second time round then first. Probably because I was keeping a “stiff upper lip” with friends present. This was a fun filled, fan honoring, episode that gave me all I wanted and then some. I don’t care about the plot points being messy, I just want to have fun, and fun was had. I will likely watch this a few more times, before I start another epic re-watch starting on Nov 23 with Unearthly Child. I hope I can make it through everything by the time specials air. Thanks for being AMAZING!!!

  2. DigificWriter said:

    I didn’t watch the Special (and won’t until I get there organically in the course of my planned Modern Who pilgrimage that I’m planning for next year) because I was incredibly angry about David Tennant’s return as the Fourteenth Doctor.

    However, listening to you guys and your unabashed and wacky enthusiasm for Doctor Who and the fannish smorgasbord presented in the story has softened my outrage and calmed me down, so I want to say Thank You for that.

    One thing about the how/why of the regeneration that I’m actually surprised none of you brought up: the Doctor (or any Time Lord) regenerating with a body that is physically identical to a person they’ve either met or been isn’t a concept that is foreign to Doctor Who lore, and was actually specifically telegraphed in The Day of the Doctor with The Curator.

    • terminuspodcast said:

      Glad I’m not the only person angry about Tennant at the end. SMDH. :/

      In fact, it honestly colored most of my feelings about the episode (you know, the whole thing with a bad ending can make you kinda hate the whole thing).

      Yes, as an avid old school fan, I loved some of the moments with the classic companions and Doctors, but overall the ‘plot’ was just too much of a mess for me (sorry, I like a cohesive plot — I don’t like to have to ‘turn my brain off’ to enjoy the show), Jodie was sidelined in most of her own final story, and all that stacked with Tennant’s return instead of Gatwa just really soured me.

      It was like a rancid cake with a few bits of fresh fruit on top that were all I could enjoy. And even then, I just felt sick afterward.

      Hoping the squee from the Verities will temper that a bit for me, but right now, I’m just very disappointed.

  3. Linda said:

    Hi Verities!
    Long time listener first time commenter… (I couldn’t resist). I just wanted to answer Deb’s question about the enjoyment of the episode from a Modern Who fan perspective. For my shame I have never watched a Classic Who episode (one day!) and that is why I listen to at least three Doctor Who Podcasts after each episode – between you all I pick up the classic references. Lol! I absolutely loved the last episode and I know enough about Classic characters from listening to you guys to know fan service when I see it and it delighted me too! I am one of those fans that love nearly every episode and never delve too deep. I am all about character feels and am not fussed on Canon – I can never remember what happened last week let alone in previous episodes. I like being taken for the ride. It was a fantastic, joyous adventure of an episode and I loved every minute of it. Plenty of tears from me too. I have adored this doctor and I’ll miss her. I always miss them … until the next Doctor starts. How good was her last line?!

  4. scooter27 said:

    I think everyone not really going into the many plot threads left dangling are being kind. Ooof! I was hoping we’d get more tied up, now I doubt we ever will.

    The very best parts are all the nostalgia. Maybe I missed hearing this mentioned, but the empty chair supposedly had Sarah-Jane’s picture on it (I’ve heard about that from other fans). What I wanted in the support grouup was for everyone to at least say “Hello, my name is _____” so even the newest fans would have names to associate with if they wanted to look up their stories. Other than that, loved everything with Tegan and Ace! I wanted to hear more about Tegan’s exes and adopted son, there’s a spin-off right there, LOL!! Ace wearing the jacket, bringing out “the bat”, bashing and blowing up Daleks, yes! I also thought about shipping her with Graham, but in my soul she’ll always be a teenager.

    My biggest regret with Jodie’s era is reflected in this episode; I’ll always wish she had more to do! Usually I could appreciate The Master taking over The Doctor’s body, but not in her last story! Chibnall brought in too many characters and subplots overall, and I never got to see all of her range that we only saw glimpses of.

    I am glad that all the promotions I’ve seen this week are focusing on Ncuti Gatwa instead of David Tennant (Who saw Ncuti on Kelly and Ryan??). While we have to wait yet another year for new Who, at least we’re getting 3 specials, and I feel like lots of peeks into his Doctor!

  5. Michele said:

    I love the theory about 10. The regeneration was the best. I am glad I knew about David, I would have been annoyed myself. I will miss Jodie’s doctor.

  6. Paul Hardy said:

    Finally steeled myself to watch it yesterday after holding off, and actually was less disappointed than I had feared. Although it rather seems as though Chibnall’s solution to his own criticisms of the Cartmel era is that all it needed was more guns, more explosions, more fan-service and more incoherence.

  7. Amanda said:

    I also thought that the clothes regenerating were done on purpose. I just saw this article with RTD talking about it. Your thoughts?

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