Six Smart Women Discussing Doctor Who

Remember our “Who Adjacent” features, where we’d pick a non-DoctorWho property with some Who DNA? Join Deb, Erika, Kat, and Tansy as we talk about Erika’s pick, Neverwhere which has so many relations to Doctor Who they’re practically first cousins. From Peter Capaldi as the Angel Islington to the series being created by a Who actor (Lenny Henry) and a Who writer (Neil Gaiman), there are connections galore, and we dive deep! Just like Neverwhere does under London.

Have you seen Neverwhere? Or read/listened to it? What did you think? Did you notice any Who connections we didn’t mention? Drop us a tweet or let us know in the comments!


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Comments on: "Extra! – Everywhere in Neverwhere" (6)

  1. scooter27 said:

    I think I read the 1st version of book, and later bought VHS copies of the story (from a guy who sold all types of BBC shows on “unofficial” videotapes). The story reminded my as a combination of the 80’s tv show ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (underground society) with the Marquis as being 3rd Doctor-esque. I liked it! Islington as the real villain was the 1st time I experienced a modern ‘evil angel’, so creepy! I knew there were multiple versions of the story, but not so many. If they do expand the idea into a Netflix show, I’ll binge it!

  2. Peter Cobcroft said:

    Saw the series, have the graphic novel, listened to the recent audio drama, got permission from Neil to run a free-form with 5 other GMs for a couple years based on it and Lost Girl (called Stone Rose) . Also collected over the years several unofficial RPG adaptations.

    • Peter Cobcroft said:

      My mistake, we actually called it London Below. Ran it at the ANU in 2013 or so.

  3. Eric P Gjovaag said:

    Yeah, someone already mentioned it, but there’s also a graphic novel.

    I hope you guys eventually do a deep dive into “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Douglas Adams alone is a great “Who” connection, but I suspect there are a few others. (Simon Jones, who played Arthur on radio and in the TV series, was also in the “Doctor Who in Seven Keys to Doomsday” stage play, for a start.)

  4. Neil Ottenstein said:

    Neil Gaiman’s How the Marquis Got His Coat Back: BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatization appears to be available via Audible, Google Play and other audio platforms.

  5. Neil Ottenstein said:

    I first saw the show way back at a Disclave convention in 1997 on probably a Saturday night when someone had it on film and it was played for those interested. I loved it on first watch and waited years and years for a home copy, asking Neil Gaiman about it whenever I saw him at conventions.

    I snatched it up on DVD when it first became available and it held up for me when I watched it .

    I listened to the BBC radio play when it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    In 2013 I went to the Rorschach Theatre in DC where they performed it in the round on stage. It was great to be part of London Below in that performance.

    I have the novel (author’s preferred text version), but I am saving reading it for some time in the future.

    Thanks for bringing it all back to life in this extra.

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